Dr David explains the micro-channelling technology behind Radara targeted skincare

Publication: Body Language | 01/11/2015

The Radara skincare system consists of rejuvenating micro-channelling patches and high purity hyaluronic acid (HA) serum to restore skin quality and diminish signs of ageing.This innovative, targeted and painless approach delivers smoother, firmer skin with an average 35% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with results visible in as early as two weeks.

Radara targeted skincare is intended for use in the comfort of your own home, giving you a gradual build-up of results for luminous, renewed skin with no stark changes, discomfort or ‘downtime’.

Due to the unique qualities of the micro-channelling technology, Radara is only available to buy through selected medical aesthetic clinics such as MediZen - the Radara flagship clinic in the Midlands, where our qualified practitioners can provide information and guidance on how to use the product effectively to gain the best possible results for your skin.

Read Dr David's explanation of the technology below in one of the leading aestehtic industry trade magazine's Body Language.