Q and A with MediZen about our Duetto Evo Device

Publication: Aesthetic Medicine | 15/12/2016
Our Aesthetician, Zoe Myers was recently interviewed by Aesthetic Medicine about our latest and innovative Laser, the Duetto Evo.
One of the main reasons we are able to offer permanent hair reduction, and address such a wide range or treatment areas, hair colours or skin colour is our use of two Lasers widely considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in hair removal, alongside electrolysis for those that laser isn’t suitable for.
As the Midlands’ premier cosmetic and laser hair removal clinic, we’re always reviewing the latest technology and advances in the areas that we specialise in, and as a result of such research we’ve invested in this state of the art hair removal laser. The Duetto system uniquely combines the two most effective wavelengths (or colours of light) used to safely get the maximum hair reduction on all skin types. It allows our laser specialists to tune the laser to target fine hairs or thick hairs for optimal hair reduction. We have the first system of its kind available in any professional hair removal clinic in the Midlands.
A challenging area in laser hair removal has always been treating darker skins with very fine hair. Our Duetto laser uses a unique ‘mixed mode’ technology which offers an unrivalled level of flexibility by emitting the two different laser wavelengths independently, simultaneously or sequentially as well as giving safer and more effective results on tanned skins and hairs with very little melanin content. 
Here is the Q and A that Zoe did with Aesthetic Medicine in full: