Genuine Dermaroller

What is a Dermaroller?

The Genuine Dermaroller™ is a medical skin needling device that we use to treat fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damaged skin, poor skin complexion and to correct skin laxity.

The Dermaroller has 192 needles which are mounted on a 20mm wide roller. It has 8 needles in horizontal rows and achieves optimal results by using overlapping rolling motions to create around 30 microscopic indents per cm2.

Genuine Dermaroller Treatment

How does Dermaroller work?

Dermaroller Treatment (also known as collagen induction therapy) stimulates the body’s own production of collagen by causing tiny wounds to the skin, encouraging the regeneration process to restore youthful and fresher looking skin.

Roughly 1 hour before Dermaroller treatment, our practitioner will apply a topical local anaesthetic to numb the skin. During Dermaroller treatment, the sterile single-use roller delivers a series of fine sharp, needles into the skin which creates microscopic channels. The skin then begins to rejuvenate itself by creating new cells with new collagen and elastin to create a plumper, thicker and more youthful looking appearance.

Here at MediZen, Birmingham, we use the Genuine Dermaroller, which has a European CE mark, the first such device to be given a European CE mark classification as a medical device. The Genuine Dermaroller originates from Germany and was first used in the UK aesthetic market in 2005. Since then we have helped hundreds of local men and women feel more skin confident, by reducing skin complaints such as acne scarring and ageing skin.

What can Dermaroller be used for?

Dermaroller Before and After Images

Before Genuine Dermaroller Birmingham    After Genuine Dermaroller Birmingham

Before and After Genuine Dermaroller Photos show significant improvement in Acne Scarring following a number of Collagen Induction Therapy treatments at MediZen.  

See how Genuine Dermaroller has helped hundreds of local Birmingham men and women achieve smoother, wrinkle free and more even skin by visiting our Before and After Dermaroller photos.

Genuine Dermaroller Cost

Genuine Dermaroller prices may vary depending on factors attributable to the treatment area, condition of the skin and difficulty of the procedure.  Visit Genuine Dermaroller prices for more information.

Genuine Dermaroller Reviews        

After carrying twins full term for 40 weeks, my tummy was left with deep wrinkles, loose skin and stretch marks. MediZen recommended Dermaroller which is completely natural. I booked a course of 3 and am completely happy with the results. My skin is tighter and loose skin almost completely gone. - Kelly Rudge, Sutton Coldfield    

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