Hollywood Eye Magic

What is Hollywood Eye Magic?

We’ve introduced Hollywood Eye Magic as treatment to improve fine lines, bags, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Most of us experience one of these conditions at some time in our lives, and if you’re interested in treating these, then Hollywood Eye Magic is a fantastic option.

It can be frustrating, both to customers and clinicians alike, that the under eye area can be an infamously difficult area of the skin to treat. So imagine how thrilled we were to find a noninvasive, simple daily treatment that revitalises and lifts the eyes in such a quick, visible way!

As a medically-led clinic, we’ve only ever invested in treatments that provide proven results, so it’s fantastic to know that this serum can brighten and smooth the appearance of your eyes in just a few minutes after application.

In the video below, MediZen practitioner Zoe introduces you to Hollywood Eye Magic.
She shows you how easy it is to apply the formula around the eye area.

How does Hollywood Eye Magic work?

Hollywood Eye Magic isn’t an injectable filler, nor is it makeup. It doesn’t involve surgery either.

This treatment is a serum that blends collagen with natural ingredients including sage, calendula, cucumber, lemon, lavender and willow bark.

Hollywood Eye Magic is a take-home product, available by visiting us at MediZen, that you apply daily to the skin. After application, you might feel a slight tightening sensation for around 30 seconds. It’s not just a skin tightening product. You can also experience a healthier, firmer and rejuvenated appearance around the eyes.

The vitamins and nutrients in the serum are absorbed deep into the epidermis, to restore your natural colour and glow whilst reducing dark circles. In fact, one application will usually have an 8-12 hour effect.

Because the results are cumulative, you may eventually see improvements even if you take a rest from using the product, as long as you use Hollywood Eye Magic every day for a reasonable period of time.

What it can Hollywood Eye Magic be used for? 

Unlike most eye area treatments, Hollywood Eye Magic is suitable for anyone, and both men and women have experienced some exciting, confidence-boosting improvements. It blends into all skin colours, is hypo-allergenic, and is suitable for all skin types.

Hollywood Eye Magic Before and After Images 


Before and After results of Hollywood Eye Magic after applying to one eye

(photograph courtesy of Hollywood Eye Magic Inc.)

Why chose MediZen, Sutton Coldfield for your Hollywood Eye Magic treatment?

You can buy Hollywood Eye Magic at-home formula from our highly skilled medical aesthetic practitioners at MediZen in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. Visit us at the clinic to try a free sample to see if it instantly works for you.

Watch our video above where we demonstrate how to apply the formula for the best results.
Interested in trying Hollywood Eye Magic? Give us call us today on 0121 308 4373.

Interested in Hollywood Eye Magic? Have more questions?

To book in for a free consultation with one of our specialist practitioners (a non-refundable consultation fee is required when you book with our Doctor. A fee is required to book with our nurses however, this is refunded if you proceed with treatment), at our conveniently located clinic in Sutton Coldfield, call us on 0121 667 5703 and a member of our team will be happy to discuss Hollywood Eye Magic.