Juvederm Volite

Even if we still feel young at heart, when we get older our skin naturally starts to show the signs of ageing, particularly in our faces.  Rough, dry, crepey skin gives way to lines and wrinkles that make us look tired and worn-out, greatly affecting our confidence.

Thankfully, with the right Dermal Fillers, our highly trained Doctor and Nurse can subtly give your skin a hydrated, more youthful appearance and help restore your confidence.

Traditional Dermal Fillers delicately smoothes your face to give it symmetry and balance as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, they can’t improve the actual health of your skin, which is where Juvederm Volite is different.

Juvederm Volite is part of the world’s number one range of Dermal Fillers, made by Allergan (the makers of Botox®) and is the world’s first ever Filler that actually improves the hydration and quality of your skin for up to 9 months, after just a single treatment.

Volite lasts longer than similar Hyaluronic acid products and is the most advanced skin hydrating agent available.

It effectively smooths and hydrates whilst simultaneously improving the texture, tone, brightness, elasticity and health of your skin.

As the most important factor in any anti-ageing skin regime is good quality, healthy skin, this makes Volite particularly effective, as poor skin quality can greatly affect treatment results.

What exactly is Juvederm Volite?

Volite contains Hyaluronic Acid. A naturally occurring molecule made by our bodies and that is responsible for water retention in our skin. Volite improves hydration and elasticity by stimulating your body’s own collagen production, leading to an improvement in overall skin quality across four key areas: crepiness, dryness, roughness and skin depressions.

Volite can be used to smooth, hydrate and increase elasticity in the skin on your face, neck, décolletage, and hands, leaving you with a healthy-looking glow - as well as smoother, radiant and hydrated skin - after just a single treatment. Results can even last up to 9-12 months, eliminating the need for more frequent top-up treatments.

What can Volite treat?

Volite Side Effects

At the injection site, you may experience slight bleeding and tenderness. Volite uses a unique patented VYCROSS® technology which makes the injection smoother. Leaving you with less chance of swelling and providing long lasting, natural looking results. Volite also contains a built-in numbing agent for additional comfort, meaning you can usually continue your regular activities the very next day. Whilst Dermal Fillers are not harmful to pregnant women, we advise them to wait until after they have given birth before taking the first session.

Volite Costs

Volite prices start at £400 for the first syringe and £300 for the second (both can be used in one treatment session). 

Volite Reviews

I am very pleased with MediZen. I have seen a massive improvement in my skin. I have had a really good experience here. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Mrs O, Birmingham

Volite Before and After Images

Before Volite Dermal FIller After Dermal Filler treatment and use of ZO skincare

Before Volite Dermal Filler treatment (Left Image) and After Dermal Filler treatment and use of ZO skincare (Right Image).

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