Annie Eccleston

Annie Eccleston, RGN at MediZenRegistered General Nurse

I am a highly trained Registered General Nurse with a wide range of experience having worked as an Intensive Care Nurse and as a specialist nurse in general practice.

I have worked at MediZen alongside my husband, Dr David Eccleston, since 2004 and have undergone extensive training in the use of Botox and Hyaluronic Acid fillers. I have also completed my BTEC in Intense Pulsed Light, am a member of the British Medical Laser Association and provide a supporting counselling and treatment delivery role spanning both the medical and non-medical treatments offered at MediZen.

I regularly assist David in his training and master classes both in the UK and abroad, and our shared years of experience make us an excellent team.

I also enjoy skiing, music and spending time with my family.


BTEC in Intense Pulsed Light.