Advanced Electrolysis Reviews

Reviews of Advanced Electrolysis, for the treatment of various skin conditions including milia, age spots, skin tags, blood spots and warts at MediZen Cosmetic Clinic, Sutton Coldfield. You can see how we have helped our clients feel more confident in their skin, and how we can help you.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve clear skin, free of thread veins, age spots and other blemishes, visit What is Advanced Electrolysis? See Advanced Electrolysis Before and After photos of real MediZen clients or watch Advanced Electrolysis Videos demonstrating the Advanced Electrolysis experience.

Case Studies

Jane - ACP Thread Vein and Skin Tag Treatment

Jane, came to MediZen from Daventry to have ACP (Advanced Electrolysis) treatment with us. As a keen swimmer Jane had often found that having skin tags under her arms could interefere with her concentration and comfort during long swimming sessions.  

She came to us here at MediZen to remove the skin tags but was concerned about the downtime as she had a big swim competition only 3 days later. After a consultation with Zoe, our ACP specialist practitioner, Jane felt confident that the treatment was right for her and that having the treatment so close to her competition would not affect her abilities to swim.  

Jane was pleased with her results and after removal of the skin tags also sought treatment for a facial thread vein.  We were happy to hear that shortly after visiting us for treatment, Jane reported that she had completed her 10 mile competitive swim in Lake Windermere with no discomfort whatsoever.

I decided to have ACP treatment for thread veins on my face and also have some skin tags removed at the same time.

I had started to feel a little self conscious about the veins and was wearing make up all the time to cover them up. I had never really had any aesthetic treatments before so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I need not have been - from the initial reception I got upon arrival at MediZen and the treatment I received from Zoe, my mind was put at ease and I felt totally relaxed.

Zoe did my thread veins first and this wasn't an unpleasant experience. There was a slight tingling of the skin as the process took place but no pain at all afterwards. I could not believe how instant the results would be. There were slight (easily disguisable) marks in that area but after a few days, the skill had completely healed and the veins had disappeared.

I had quite a few skin tags in my underarm area and, as I do a lot of swimming, I was finding they were catching on my costume occasionally. The removal of the skin tags was a little more painful but only a smarting sensation which didn't last long. There was a little redness for a couple of days but once this had gone, there are no visible marks of the tags.

All in all I am extremely pleased with the service and professionalism I received at MediZen and would highly recommend the clinic to my friends and colleagues.

Skin tags visible on underarm before being removed with ACP (Advanced Electrolysis) Treatment

Skin tags removed from female underarm using ACP Treatment

Skin tags removed from female underarm using ACP Treatment

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Really good experience and knowledgable. Anonymous, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
MediZen were recommended to me by another clinic. They have been absolutely amazing and I wouldn't hesitate in telling everybody about them. A Hunt, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Ki has done an amazing job of removing my skin tags around my neck which were ugly and unsightly. There was minimal discomfort and I would highly recommend this treatment. K Green, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield
I think your services are excellent and treatment works great! Paul, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Better than skin by a country mile. amazing team and straightforward to deal with. No expensive, unnecessary, multiple appointments just excellent service all round. Mr E, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Justine is great, she has made me feel at ease with all my treatments at MediZen. Kim, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Very pleased with the results and the treatment was almost pain free. Ms B West, Birmingham
I am delighted with the outcome of the ACP and IPL for rosacea. Very professional, friendly and helpful staff. Mrs E Kibbler, Birmingham
ACP for skin tags and thread veins - a very quick, cost effective way of removing my unsightly skin tags and thread veins. Had I known it was going to be this quick and painless I would have had them done a few years earlier! Jane, Daventry
Excellent service and very professional. Zoe performed the procedure painlessly and calmed my early concerns about the process by explaining what was going to be done. I would have no hesitation in coming back for further treatment. Mr Smith, Sutton Coldfield
I am extremely happy with the results of my ACP treatment for the removal of Milia spots. From the initial consultation, treatment sessions and final review my practitioner Lucy was great. I would definitely recommend MediZen to others. Very professional and informative staff. Mr Nazir, Birmingham
I am absolutely delighted with the results of my ACP. Zoe was very professional and all the other staff were lovely as well. I would highly recommend this to others. Excellent care and excellent results! L Nickels, Sutton Coldfield
Treatment was very straightforward, just felt like a little pin prick. Zoe was very kind and explained everything that was happening and kept checking with me that I was ok. Mary, Sutton Coldfield
Zoe is fantastic. So jolly and sincerely lovely. Very honest which is what I like. Suki, Walsall
The staff are excellent. Very welcoming and the treatment I received is the best. I would recommend Medizen to anyone. Mrs S Jeffrey, Oldbury
Zoe made me feel at home, always energetic and smiley, kept me informed on every aspect of the process and kept me feeling comfortable. Will definitely be back if I need anything sorting! Mr E Connick, Sutton Coldfield
Skin tag removal excellent! Thread vein removal excellent! Thank You. Mrs P Smith, Sutton Coldfield
Brilliant service. Was comfortable and Sarah was excellent. Very good treatment. Mr Rajanra, Walsall
Excellent friendly professional service. Would thoroughly recommend Medizen and especially Sarah. J Jenning, Four Oaks
The service was excellent. Very happy with the results. Very good value for money. Have recommended Medizen to friends. N Chambers, Burton On Trent
I am really happy with the results and the care and aftercare is second to none. I would recommend Medizen. I am a new woman and gained a lot more confidence in the way I look. Ms M McCallum, Walmley
I have had a skin tag at the top of my leg for many years. Zoe managed to remove it with very little discomfort from my perspective in a matter of minutes. I'm really pleased with the result and would recommend this treatment to anyone who doesn't like their skin tags! Mr R. Myers, Warwickshire
The treatment was quick, painfree and produced very good results. I would have it again. Anon, Sutton Coldfield
I was dreading walking into a clinic as a man for treatment around my eye to remove small lumps. I had no worries as I was soon to be made welcome and a quick painless appointment sorted my problem out. I will certainly go back for more treatment. Mr B Swash, Sutton Coldfield
I came for a cosmetic problem and found the staff very informative and was completely relaxed with the treatment I was given. Any cosmetic problems I will not hesitate to make another appointment. A well organised and efficient service. Friendly staff. S. P. Lloyd, Great Barr
I was absolutely delighted with the results following a minor treatment at MediZen. The staff were extremely, helpful, informative and very professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. Joanne Pardington , West Midlands
Really pleased! Quick and pain free. Gemma Butwell, West Midlands
I was amazed at the results that I received after having ACP on raised moles on my face the procedure was pain free and Sarah is a delight giving the treatment. Jeanette Bellis, West Midlands
Really happy with the results, I thought it would be complicated to get a mole removed from my face so put it off for years - was shocked at the simple procedure. I should have done it ages ago. The staff are lovely at MediZen and make you feel really welcome. Mrs Tidmarsh, West Midlands
Very helpful and professional, happy with results of treatment, would recommend to friends! Susan C., Walsall
I have been very pleased with my whole experience here at MediZen. David, who carried out my treatment, put me at ease straight away and I found him to be very honest and helpful. The results are fantastic. N. Taylor, Great Haywood
Both the service and the results of the treatment are fantastic. Francesca, Tamworth
The treatment I have received here has been second to none. It has helped me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming female. Thanks to all the staff, management and receptionists for always making me feel so welcome. Miss R. Portsmouth, Birmingham

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