What is HydraFacial?

what is hydrafacial

How HydraFacial works - During HydraFacial treatment at MediZen, Mere Green, dead cells and impurities are vacuumed away whilst the skin is cleansed and revitalised.

Every day we are exposed to the elements, stress, pollution, toxins, and most importantly, sunlight. These are known as free radicals, and they are the root of skin damage and ageing. Free radicals prevent skin cells from functioning properly, causing our skin to deteriorate over the years. The most natural defence against free radical damage is antioxidants – they neutralise free radicals, restoring and protecting skin from damage.

This is why the HydraFacial™ is so important! Not only does it remove surface damage such as dead skin cells and impurities, but it also replenishes the skin with antioxidants through Vortex-Fusion® (the most advanced application of nutrients to the skin) in a way that cannot be achieved with antioxidant skin creams alone.

HydraFacial (also known as hydradermabrasion) extracts impurities on the skin’s surface using a technique of water massage and bathing the skin in hydrating, cleansing and moisturising serums.  As the outer layer of your skin is gently removed, the deeper tissue is stimulated into producing new collagen and increasing the production of new skin cells. The result is an improvement in circulation leading to you looking refreshed and leaving you with a healthy glow, as well as actually restoring your skin to its youthful status. 

We use the HydraFacial to treat and diminish a variety of skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles, large and congested pores, brown spots, oily skin, sun damage, minor scars, dry or patchy skin, improve acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation, superficial age spots, extract blackheads and whiteheads and to achieve an overall uniform skin complexion. 

HydraFacial is a painless and non-irritating alternative to laser skin rejuvenation and resurfacing methods which is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin.  Our clients have all achieved great results in our clinic using this treatment, and so will you - Read HydraFacial Reviews from our clients here.

The treatment I have just received was absolutely beautiful. Obviously doing its job, but also making me feel extremely relaxed, having downtime, leaving me refreshed, renewed and relaxed. Fabulous, thank you.

- R. Lawlor, Lichfield, UK
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Your HydraFacial Experience -

Before HydraFacial Treatment 

HydraFacial facial treatment is painless and mild and is generally suitable for all skin types – even the most sensitive skin can easily tolerate this treatment.  Before HydraFacial treatment is carried out, you will be invited to our medically led clinic, with easy access links to surrounding areas such as Walsall, Lichfield Tamworth and Birmingham.  During your consultation, our skin health professionals we will assess your skin using our professional 2D and 3D Visia Canfield Analysis system, which evaluates your skin to help us decide whether HydraFacial is the most effective treatment approach to give you the best results. Our expert will then discuss what results you should expect to achieve and explain to you exactly what will happen at each step of the treatment process so that you can feel informed and at ease.

During HydraFacial Treatment

HydraFacial treatment will take place in one of our state of the art treatment rooms, you will be invited to lie down and relax as your 45 minute treatment begins.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible and aim to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere. 

There are 4 stages to the HydraFacial treatment:

1. The treatment starts with an optional lymphatic drainage procedure to remove excess fluid from the skin (especially around the eye area) and stimulate the lymph nodes. A brand new sterile treatment tip will then be placed on the HydraFacial hand piece prior to the start of the treatment, and a special serum is applied and gently massaged into your skin to help soften blocked pores and loosen inground make-up and dirt in the skin.

2. The machine’s handpiece is gently guided over the surface of the skin in a stroking motion, to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate new skin growth. We then extract impurities and blackheads to deep clean the skin (we can even show you what we’ve taken out at the end of treatment, as it is all collected in a special waste container!).

3. A mild peel is then applied, followed by the application of detoxifying antioxidant serum (we call this "liquid gold") that helps to reduce free radicals and protect the skin.

4. The treatment is then completed with Light emitting diode therapy which stimulates new collagen production. The painless and non-irritating treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed with a restoration of youthful skin and anti oxidant protection. 

Watch HydraFacial Videos to see a demonstration of the experience.

After HydraFacial Treatment

Immediately after your HydraFacial treatment you may experience slight redness which will diminish after a few minutes and leave you with a healthy looking glow, leaving you free to resume normal daily activities. 

Results are subtle and include a freshening in the appearance and improvement in the texture and hydration of the skin, alongside a reduction in the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, making it a great skin complexion boosting and maintenance treatment for any skin type. The smooth, hydrated appearance can be visible for up to seven days or more depending on your skin.  A series of six treatments, one per week, is recommended for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, oily skin, hyperpigmentation and skin prone to acne. 

With HydraFacial you can achieve skin health for life with regular maintenance treatment and with the added bonus of no discomfort or downtime – just clearer, healthier and more beautiful looking glowing skin!

View HydraFacial Before and After photos.

HydraFacial Side Effects

HydraFacial side effects are minimal and rare.  Whether treating male or female skin, is not suitable if an active skin infection such as herpes simplex, i.e. cold sores are present. Those with a history of irregular skin healing or those who have taken isotretinoin (Roaccutane®) within the last 6 months are also not advised to undergo treatment.  

Is it Suitable for me?

Our clients have achieved great results using this treatment as it is kind on sensitive skin types.

The HydraFacial is not suitable for deeper wrinkles and scars, deep hyperpigmentation problems or broken veins in the skin. Depending on your skin problems and expectations, we may recommend that you combine this procedure with other treatments we offer in order to enhance your results.

Interested in HydraFacial? Have more questions?

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