Iontophoresis treatment price in Birmingham


Prices for iontophoresis machines start at £360. A free consultation with one of our expert practitioners at MediZen will help you decide if iontophoresis is the right treatment for you. A consultation plus one iontophoresis session costs £75 and will take approximately one hour.

MediZen are also a Sweat Smart Centre, as experts in treating problems with sweating and hyperhidrosis, we understand how embarrassing uncontrolled sweat outbreaks can be, and the major impact they can have on your life.

Whether you have occasional, regular outbreaks triggered by certain situations, or a daily struggle with a sweating disorder to cope with sweat stains and odour, we have practical advice and solutions that can help you effectively manage your problem and reduce the impact that it has on your life.

The MediZen Sweat Smart Centre is your specialist treatment centre offering the complete range of professional, non-surgical treatment options available to help you make the best decision to manage or alleviate your condition. In addition, we’re one of the only centres in the UK to offer miraDry, a revolutionary permanent solution to underarm sweating.

To find out more about iontophoresis visit What is Iontophoresis? You can read Reviews of Iontophoresis at MediZen Cosmetic Clinic, Sutton Coldfield and see what our existing clients have to say about our treatments, our clinic and our staff. See Before and After Iontophoresis Sweating Treatment of real clients or watch Iontophoresis Videos.


Reduce Sweating on Hands and Feet From £75

Prices for iontophoresis machines start at £360. One iontophoresis session costs £75.

Please note that treatment prices are subject to change and can vary depending on factors attributable to the treatment area, condition of the skin and difficulty of the procedure.

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