Iontophoresis Reviews from Medizen Clients, Birmingham

We’re proud to be able to offer iontophoresis as a sweat treatment that can improve your confidence and stop your hands and feet from sweating.

Read our Iontophoresis reviews from real clients who have come to MediZen to reduce sweating.

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I was introduced to the iontophoresis machine and explained that the electric current output from these machines can help reduce the sweating. I accepted the offer because I was quite determined to try any kind of treatment as long as it is not touching the nerves. So I started the treatments in the two affected areas, hands and feet, and it was not until the fourth session when it really started to make a difference. I was very impressed about the results. After I completed the initial program (7 sessions, I think), sweating was significantly reduced. I couldn't believe it. For the first time in my life I started having some dry hands, feet, and life started to change. The only down thing, however, is that I had to regularly keep doing sessions (for me is about once every week) to maintain the dryness. Fortunately, smaller versions of these machines are offered for purchase for home/private use. So I bought one and regularly use it at home to help reduce my sweating. Now I cannot live without it. I take it with me everywhere I go, even on holidays. Mostafa, Loughborough

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