Laser and IPL Hair Removal Reviews

Read reviews of Hair Removal at MediZen, Sutton Coldfield - The West Midlands multi-award winning premier Intense Pulsed Light and painless Laser Hair Removal clinic. Read how we have helped our clients feel more confident when they look in the mirror, and how we can help you get rid of unwanted hair in just a few sessions.

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Case Studies

Kerry Price - Laser Hair Removal Case Study

When Kerry Price won the Miss Birmingham title, she knew she had to up her beauty regime to be picture perfect at all times.

After years of trying every hair removal method available from salons and at home methods such as waxing and shaving, Kerry decided she wanted a permanent solution and opted for Laser Hair Removal with us.  

During her initial consultation with us, she explained that she was tired of constantly dealing with the side effects of home hair removal - the rashes, the shaving bumps, the dry skin and most of all the repetitiveness of do-it-yourself hair removal.

Kerry explains:

I was over the moon to have won the Miss Birmingham competition and felt really proud to be representing my home city. I knew this title meant charity work, personal appearances and more importantly, plenty of photo opportunities, so it was so important I looked photo-ready at all times.

One aspect of my beauty regime which I always hated was shaving. I'm sure most girls can appreciate that between the shaving bumps, stubble rash, shadow and dry skin, the most annoying thing about shaving is the fact you have to do it so often to keep really smooth skin. I had tried other beauty methods like waxing and hair removal creams. I actually trained as beauty therapist for a few years and used to do a lot of waxing just to keep that baby soft skin feeling. Maybe it was the initial training stages where we'd practice waxing on each other which gave me a baptism of fire to the experience, but I never got used to the feeling of having my hair ripped out! I had considered using laser for about 2 years and committed myself to researching the best treatments for about a month. I came across the Soprano at the MediZen clinic. As well as the professionalism of the girls at the clinic, the painless patch test really impressed me and cemented my decision to go with the Soprano treatment.

I knew what to expect from the patch test, but I was still a little bit nervous on the day of my first treatment on my bikini line. The treatment was completely pain free; it just felt like a warm massage and actually made me feel really relaxed. The therapist chatted to me throughout my treatment and asked me to let her know if it was getting too hot, so I felt very at ease with the whole thing. Between treatments I noticed the re-growth was sparse and the hair became much finer.

After about 5 treatments the hair had disappeared. I am now midway through getting my underarms lasered and I can't describe how much easier this has made my beauty regime. The Soprano has simply taken the ouch out of hair removal. What's more, it makes things like beach holidays a breeze as I don't have to faff around with waxing or appointments and don't need to worry about three day stubble from shaving.

Since becoming Miss Birmingham, I've had some wonderful opportunities including writing my own beauty column for my local newspaper and from a professional point of view, I couldn't recommend the staff at MediZen and the Soprano enough to anyone looking to get rid of unwanted hair. Some people think laser is a bit pricey but it is so worth the money once you factor in the constant hassle of shaving and cost of hair removal over a lifetime!

Dani - Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments here at MediZen and we get men and women from all over the Midlands coming to us for treatment. 

Dani is one of our clients who came to us for Laser hair removal and was thrilled with her results. She wanted to share with our other clients why she decided to get hair removal treatment with us and actually approached us to see if we could use her story!

I am not the type of girl to worry too much about her appearance - I'm not into reading beauty magazines and I can honestly say I'd never really thought twice about visiting a cosmetic clinic until a year or so ago.

I have always found shaving a hassle. I've always found the routine tedious and always had to double check if I had a few spare razors when I went off travelling, but apart from waxing (ouch!) or depilatory creams (do they actually work for anybody?!) I didn't know there was any other way. Shaving seemed to keep the hairs at bay for a few days so I stuck with it and resigned myself to thinking; 'I guess this will have to do'.

About a year ago I stumbled across an article someone had shared on Facebook about the cost of shaving - it was actually a blog written by MediZen that stated that the average woman spent around £20,000 on average shaving her legs over a time period of around 49 years - that's around 170 days shaving your legs over a lifetime - eek! I decided there and then that I would look into other options and discovered laser hair removal.

I was cautious at first, hence why it took me about a year from reading the article to actually coming to MediZen for treatment, and making the decision to physically come into a cosmetic clinic and get treatment was a bit scary so I did my homework thoroughly. MediZen have a great guide to laser hair removal which I downloaded for free and they have practical tips about what a person should look for when thinking about investing in the treatment. I researched costs and the practicalities of what was involved, I watched videos explaining the treatment and also read through independent reviews of both the clinic and the treatment.

I learned that MediZen are considered the premier laser hair removal clinic in the Midlands and their clients, awards and money invested into staff training and their equipment was unmatched. I was impressed with what I had learnt and the fact that they also had an easy payment method for laser hair removal packages made me pick up the phone. After I had decided it was the right treatment for me and that I would give it a go I have never looked back, from the first phone call to book in for my patch test and consultation the girls took fantastic care of me. Lucy, my practitioner fully explained the treatment and what was going to happen and really put me at ease as she explained how she herself had also had treatment.

The treatment itself was absolutely painfree and I couldn't help wondering why I had been so nervous beforehand! The feeling of the laser on your skin is something like a deep tissue massage, it was a warm sensation and quite pleasant.

As soon as Lucy had finished the treatment I jumped up to try and see the difference it had made - Lucy then explained what would happen next and that the effect would be seen after about 2 weeks. After about a week and a half I did my usual shaving routine (diligently once every 2-3 days) and noticed the hair was slower to grow back, in fact I couldn't see signs of regrowth for about 6-7 days. I was over the moon at that point and as I have progressed through my package the results have only continued to improve.

I honestly can't recommend the treatment and MediZen enough!!


My underarm skin was dark from waxing. Now after, my skin has lightened. The hair has gone after my sixth treatment, apart from the odd one to two hairs. Service is good to whatever your needs are. Mindy G, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield
The advice, treatment and follow up was friendly, professional and effective. Ki was helpful and she made the process enjoyable and not painful at all. I would thoroughly recommend MediZen and Ki to any prospective client. Tim , Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
So pleased with the result, highly recommended! A.W, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Really good results. Fantastic service and advice from Ki. Would recommend it with a 5 star review. Y, West Midlands
My hair removal treatment at MediZen is coming along slowly but surely. I have seen good results after the first course and even better after the second course. So it is working! Ki has been great and she listens to what I have to say. such friendly services and I will continue to come here to have other treatments done. S.D, West Midlands
I had issues with my skin and facial hair for years. I waxed and threaded more than usual but it left my skin looking worse. Getting laser has really help even my complexion and got rid of my hair. The sessions are really quick and the results last forever. Karen, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
I have been having treatments from Maureen for a number of years and the results are excellent. We have detailed discussions on each session to discuss the treatments and results. We changed the laser treatment on one of our discussions and as result, my treatment was visibly improved and successful. Maureen is a happy, experienced team member and a credit to MediZen! Harjit, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Having been so apprehensive about what the effect of laser would be on my skin, Maureen reassured me the treatment would work well on my skin tone. Maureen was so professional, whilst also being so friendly. I would definitely recommend anyone to go for it! It has changed my life! Sonia, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield
I was lacking a lot of confidence from hair overgrowth due to hormones and being asian my hair is very thick. The laser treatment I received so far has reduced my hair 50-60%. My practitioner is very accommodating to the settings when treating me according to my pain threshold. Homecare and service is fantastic. MB, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
I have been having laser for a while now at MediZen with Ki. During every treatment I have felt re-assured and relaxed in the comfortable environment where I have the treatment at MediZen. I would recommend this treatment for those like myself who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome. Overall I have been extremely happy with the results. Thank you. N, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Excellent and professional service. The treatment was explained and I was put at ease with all of the procedures to follow. I always felt comfortable and in safe, professional hands during all sessions. Extremely happy to recommend MediZen to friends and family. S, Birmingham
I can confirm I am happy with the experience and happy to share with others, my treatments have seen great results. A Messon, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Very happy with treatment. Return hair growth is minimal or non-existant to the naked eye. David, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Lucy who does my treatments was and is very supportive and takes a real interest. Very good and professional but also personal to me. Julie, West Midlands
I am over the moon with my Laser Hair Removal from MediZen! I was so nervous beforehand and I thought it was going to be painful but Lucy really put me at ease during my consultation and patch test. I was so pleasantly surprised that it was virtually painfree and actually felt like a deep tissue massage! I can already see hair reduction and I can't wait to finish my course and show my legs off on holiday this summer! Highly recommend this treatment - no more time consuming shaving or waxing, brilliant! Dani, Monks Kirby
I have been very pleased with the overall service and treatment. After having years of hair removal and treatment at various places, I finally have achieved the results of a hair free face. Netty, Birmingham
I am very pleased with the soprano treatment and the results. I was surprised that it was not really painful and the therapist Maureen was excellent in helping me feel relaxed. The whole experience has been brilliant thank you. Harj, Sutton Coldfield
Extremely happy with results, virtually pain-free treatment. Ms D. Busst, Sutton Coldfield
I had Soprano Laser Hair Removal, extremely pleased with the results! Has reduced the amount I shave. Service at MediZen has always been very professional. Maureen was excellent-made the time fly by and I definately recommend this treatment. Having tried IPL Laser previously this was painless compared to that! SS, West Midlands
Treatment was delivered in a professional and friendly manner. I am very pleased with MediZen and would highly recommend it to others! Ms R Cassam, Sutton Coldfield
I am currently coming to the end of a laser hair removal course and couldn't be happier with the results! The staff at Medizen are lovely and very helpful, which makes the whole experience more comfortable. I have been seeing Lucy for the last nearly 5-6 months and can not thank her enough for all she has done. Charlotte Evans, West Midlands
Maureen was brilliant. Understood my needs and wants. Looked after me very professionally. Fantastic thank you. Suki, Walsall
I am extremely happy with the professional service and outcome of my treatment. Really does work! I would highly recommend MediZen for laser hair removal M. Mohammed, Birmingham
Service has been excellent and the results speak for themselves. Hair is all gone from chin, bikini area and legs. Fabulous. Thank you for giving me my confidence back. Miss L. Bird, Austrey
Very pleased with the outcome of laser treatment on my cheeks and lips after 6 sessions! Maureen is lovely! Miss Atwal, Sutton Coldfield
I enjoyed my time at MediZen. I am VERY pleased with the result and am glad I had it done! All the staff at MediZen are lovely and welcoming and made the experience worthwhile! Miss P. Allen, Birmingham
I have been very happy with my treatments and find the staff very friendly and helpful. I certainly would recommend Medizen to friends and family. M. Kaur, Wolverhampton
The results I had were better than expected. Staff were friendly, professional and accommodating, providing a fantastic service. T. Mchendry, Birmingham
After years of no confidence because of facial hair, this was just what I needed. The results have been amazing and I would recommend it. I don’t feel I have to hide my face now. Anon, Walsall Wood
The treatment I have received by Sarah Cox at MediZen has been excellent. I am really happy with the results of my 6 IPL Hair Removal sessions and would recommend it to others. Anon, Sutton Coldfield
I have been very impressed by all of the staff at MediZen. They make you feel very welcome and put you at ease. The Soprano Hair Removal procedure has worked extremely well and I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend MediZen and Maureen to anyone. Mrs G Duggal, Sutton Coldfield
I'm so glad my friend recommended Medizen IPL Hair Removal treatment to me. I started to get facial hair on my chin and it was really getting me down. I can't believe the results, it has made such a difference to my life, I feel far more confident now. Mrs B., West Midlands
I was nervous of having laser hair removal but Maureen put me at ease and I am so happy with the results. The bottom of my legs are smooth and silky and I now hardly have to shave. It is the best thing I’ve done in ages. Service at MediZen is excellent and I shall be back for more treatments in the future. Many thanks! Mrs J. Cloves, Streetly
Very helpful and friendly staff, felt welcome and comfortable during my time here. Jon Shortt, West Midlands
The treatment I have received here has been second to none. It has helped me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming female. I underwent surgery 16 days ago – thanks to all the staff and receptionists for always making me feel welcome. Rebecca Portsmouth , West Midlands
The experience at MediZen has been a lot more relaxed and happy than I expected. The staff made me feel relaxed, which made the hair removal easier for me, leaving me more confident with myself. P. Sandhu , West Midlands
I can honestly say my treatment has been a huge success, it has literally changed my life for the better. Lisa Bird, West Midlands
I had laser hair removal done with Sarah, very professional and friendly. Made you feel really at ease. I had brilliant results after 6 sessions, would definitely recommend! Eleanor Richmond, Sutton Coldfield
I have been extremely happy with the care and results that I have received with the Soprano Hair Removal Treatment at MediZen (Birmingham). This is a truly pain free hair removal treatment. Highly recommended. Chris Berry, Birmingham
I have had Soprano treatment and I love it. It was virtually pain free, would say the only area where I felt pain was my bikini. So nice being nearly hair free. The service was nothing less than excellent, from the reception staff to the practitioner. I would recommend to anyone. Shareen Khan, West Midlands
I had the IPL treatment (6 sessions), best thing I ever had treatment wise. The staff are always very nice to you. I would recommend this place to all my friends. Very happy with the service Minjeet Kaur, West Midlands
I was treated with total professionalism and was put at ease before and during treatments. All staff at the centre are wonderful. I am totally happy with my treatment and would recommend MediZen. Sarah Surplice , West Midlands
I can honestly say my treatment has been a huge success, it has literally changed my life for the better. Lisa Bird, West Midlands
I had Laser Hair Removal done with Sarah, very professional and friendly made you feel really at ease. I had brilliant results after six sessions, would definitely recommend! Eleanor Richmond, West Midlands
I have been extremely happy with the care and results that I have received with the Soprano hair removal treatment at MediZen. This is truly a pain free hair removal treatment, best on the market for sure. Highly recommended!! Chris Berry, West Midlands
I found the Soprano laser hair removal treatment to be very painless and effective treatment, I am very pleased with the results. I found Maureen to be very polite and understanding, I would definitely recommend this treatment. Mrs Slater, West Midlands
I had the IPL treatment (6 sessions) best thing I ever had treatment wise and the staff are always very nice to you. I would recommend this place to all my friends. Very happy with the service. Minjeet Kaur, West Midlands
Following unsatisfactory results from previous laser treatment I was really pleased with the Soprano Laser Machine. The treatment was not really as painful as they were previously. The staff here are great and make you feel at ease throughout. I am looking forward to having more treatments done! Sam K., West Midlands
Maureen was great, she made me feel at ease definitely would recommend her! I feel more confident in the way I look! Sukveer Kaur, West Midlands
I was treated with total professionalism and was put at ease before and during treatments. The staff at the centre are wonderful. I am totally happy with my treatment and would recommend MediZen. Sarah Surplice, West Midlands
Started treatment a year ago for laser hair removal. I had problems where I went previously as treatment wasn't working. I made an appointment and Sara was the nurse assigned. She listened, made suggestions, was easy to talk to, extremely friendly and reassuring. All service was brilliant, especially the way Sara was always supportive!! Jennie, West Midlands
I had laser treatment on legs, armpits and bikini with great results. At first was worried of the pain but staff made me completely at ease. I would definitely recommend it. H.S., West Midlands
I had Laser Hair Removal done with Sara, very professional and friendly, made you feel really at ease. I had brilliant results after six sessions, would definitely recommend!!! Eleanor Richmond, West Midlands
I have been having Laser Hair Removal at MediZen with Maureen. I would like to say the service provided by Maureen has been very friendly and professional. The results I have have achieved on the Hair Removal has also been very good. I would recommend MediZen to my friends. Beth Taylor, West Midlands
I found the staff friendly, helpful and nothing is too much trouble. There is always a relaxed atmosphere. Miss F., Birmingham
Treatment is always carried out in a professional manner with approachable, friendly & courteous staff. Recommend without hesitation. Very happy with results & of the way in which I was treated by Sarah. Yvonne Owen , Wylde Green
Made comfortable and at ease. Very Friendly. Will return in the future and have made recommendations to my Dr and passed refer a friend cards on. Very happy! Ms. L. Farley, Surrey
An excellent service all round, from the moment you enter the building you are made to feel welcome by the staff on reception. My treatment was given by Sarah, who is highly trained, very professional and explains your treatment you receive in depth. I would most definitely recommend MediZen to anyone. A special thank you to Sarah for amazing results from my treatments. Mr. Kevin Smith, Erdington, Birmingham
Very happy, Sarah was excellent. Louise Bowles, Streetly
Maureen put me at ease and I found the treatment quite relaxing with results from the first one. By the completion of the course of 6 treatments my skin was greatly improved, smoother, brighter, tighter and generally more healthy looking. Many of my friends have commented that I look well and glowing. Thank you very much. Karen, Worcester
Everyone at MediZen is thoroughly professional, kind and knowledgeable. The treatment I had was slightly uncomfortable but the results are amazing. I will definitely use MediZen again. Jayne Parton, Staffordshire
So very pleased with my laser treatment. I can clearly see the difference and have recently had a compliment of how good my skin looked. B. Humphreys, West Midlands
I'm very happy, coming back for more next week. Sarah is lovely, as are all the staff! Angela Butler, Sheldon, Birmingham
I had Laser Hair Removal, extremely pleased with the results! Has reduced the amount I shave. Service at MediZen has always been very professional. Maureen was excellent-made the time fly by and I definitely recommend this treatment. Having tried IPL Laser previously this was painless compared to that! S.S., Mere Green
I have been having IPL treatments for under arm and chin and the results are fantastic. The staff made me feel very safe and confident and work very professionally. I have recommended the treatment to others. Nia, Birmingham
I had laser hair removal on my face with the Laser. I am very happy with the results, after the first 3 sessions I noticed a drastic reduction in hair, now I’m on my final treatment and I am almost hair free. Ms Birring, Birmingham
My bikini line IPL hair removal treatment was undertaken in a very professional and friendly manner and was very successful and pain free. Mrs R., Birmingham
I'm so glad my friend recommended MediZen IPL hair removal treatment to me. I started to get facial hair on my chin which was really getting me down. I cannot believe the results. It has made such a difference to my life. I feel more confident now. Mrs P., West Midlands
The staff at MediZen provide a professional and caring environment. The IPL treatment for my upper lip and chin proved to be very beneficial to me. The procedure was explained very carefully to me to ensure that I understood the treatment and expectations. I am really pleased with the hair reduction. Mrs F., Birmingham
I have been very pleased with the results that I have received within 6 weeks of IPL. I would also recommend this treatment as it boosts your confidence and makes you feel great. I felt this treatment to be literally pain-free. Mrs Sparkbrook, Birmingham
From the initial consultation to the final results, I have been delighted with the level of service and treatment. I opted for IPL hair removal and, although a little uncomfortable, at times have been amazed at how well it has worked. I have and will continue to recommend this treatment to my friends. Sarah, who treated me, was very professional throughout and a pleasure to be with in not so pleasurable circumstances! I would definitely return to MediZen for future treatments. Miss Calcutt, West Midlands
I am delighted with the results of IPL hair removal. The results have changed my daily procedure of stubble and plucking. My make-up is better as there is less skin damage from plucking and in-grown hairs. M. Munelly, West Midlands
The laser hair removal treatment I've had was brilliant! It was slightly uncomfortable at times but Nia made it as comfortable as possible by using cool air and cooling gel which was great and now I no longer need to shave my legs or underarms! I would recommend it to everyone! Liz, Sutton Coldfield
I have been very self conscious about my hair and it took a lot of courage to seek help. The service I have had from MediZen and Sarah has been fantastic, after my consultation I was not at all worried about coming and have had fantastic results. Shaving is down from twice a day to once or twice a month, brilliant, thank you MediZen. L. Wilkins, Lichfield
I had the hair removal treatment & I was extremely pleased with the results so much so I re-booked for the other areas for hair removal. The staff are very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. Kirandeep, Mere Green
I was quite apprehensive before commencing hair removal treatment. However, the staff answered all of my queries. The results I was very pleased with and I feel speak for themselves. J. Green, Staffordshire
I have found the time I have spent at MediZen very worthwhile. After years of shaving, waxing and using creams to remove unwanted hair, it has been a relief to go on holiday without having to worry about what to wear, and how I look. Medizen has been by far the best clinic I have attended. They are professional, approachable and offer good service. Deborah Burke, Sutton Coldfield
Having the laser hair removal treatment has given me the confidence to wear t-shirts again and show of my fresh, cleanly shaved neck. Sarah and the MediZen team were fantastic from consultation through to treatment, putting my mind at ease throughout. I really recommend the treatment and MediZen to family and friends for excellent service and results. Darren Read, Walsall
I have had a course of 6 treatments and the results are fantastic. I would recommend MediZen to anyone who is considering laser hair removal. The staff are organized, professional and welcoming. The service is second to none and Maureen who carried out the treatment is exceptional. D. Jones, Great Barr
Noticed vast improvement on my underarms after first session. Very quick, virtually pain free with no discomfort whatsoever after. Any regrowth, if any, is very minimal and fine. Carmel Archer, Aldridge
Laser hair removal on my underarms and bikini line has been absolutely fantastic, what a result. It sounds silly but the results have been life changing! C. Priestner, West Midlands
Very pleased with results of IPL package to date. Annie North, Sutton Coldfield
Amazing people - I had 6 sessions and it cleared up 80% of my hair. I have a lot more confidence now when going out. Sheetal Pala, Mere Green

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