Laser Thread Vein Removal Videos

These laser thread vein removal videos show the results you can expect to achieve at MediZen Cosmetic Clinic Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham - The West Midlands multi-award winning premier cosmetic and painfree Laser clinic. 

Find out how we have helped hundreds of local men and women feel more confident when they look in the mirror after removing facial and leg thread or spider veins by reading our Laser Thread Vein Removal Reviews.

Find out how we can help you to improve and reduce the appearance of your thread and spider veins in just a few sessions you by reading What is Laser Thread Vein Removal? or see Before and After photos of actual clients.


In this video, you will see one of our clients after her laser thread vein removal treatment and her thoughts and comments on the treatment and its results.

In this video, MediZen aesthetician Zoe demonstrates how we remove thread veins using ACP (Advanced Electrolysis) treatment.

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