Lip Reshaping and Enhancement Reviews

Read reviews of Lip Shaping and Enhancement using cosmetic fillers at MediZen Clinic, Sutton Coldfield. See how we have helped hundreds of local women (and men) feel more confident about the shape and size of their lips and how we can help you achieve fuller, symmetrical and more beautiful looking lips.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve the lips that you desire visit: What is Lip Reshaping? See Lip Enhancement Before and After photos of real MediZen clients or watch Lip Enhancement Videos.

Case Studies

Jen - Lip Fillers

Jen came to us here at MediZen for lip fillers. As experts in the reshaping and enhancement treatment, we understand that it can often be misunderstood and women like Jen can fear of being left with lips that are distorted - however, we know that the best results that make our clients happy are the subtle changes that mean so much – which is why our aim with Jen was to give her symmetrical and balanced natural looking lips.

At MediZen we use Juvederm Volbella, a dermal filler enhanced with painkilling Lidocaine (a commonly used anaesthetic) to treat lips. Juvederm Volbella is a non-permanent hyaluronic acid (HA) cosmetic filler used in the lips and minimising lipstick bleed to increase the volume of the lips, and reshape them by enhancing the vermilion border, defining philtrum ridges, minimising perioral lines, and sculpting for maximum definition. 

Jen explains:

I have always been slightly self-conscious about my small, thin lips. It was never a huge deal but it did dent my confidence a bit. When I started learning about lip fillers, I realised that this was a great solution for me so I decided to take the plunge and book myself in at MediZen.

I wasn’t nervous at all but I really had no idea what to expect. No one I knew had had this done before so it was all very new to me. Dr David was fantastic. He sat me down and talked me through the entire process – what to expect and how it would feel. He really put me at ease. I even asked him 21 questions and he kindly gave me an answer to each and every one!

When the time came to have the lip fillers, I was well prepared and ready to see the results! The treatment didn’t hurt in the slightest – it was very mildly uncomfortable (as you would imagine it to be) but that really was it! I even felt relaxed!

Afterwards, I expected to be slightly swollen but it really didn’t seem bad at all. I had plans as normal that night and went about my day and night as I would have any other day!

My friends were so impressed with the results one is even considering booking in for her own! I really am pleased. The main difference to me is the difference I see when I put lipstick on and smile in photos. I really see a difference and I’m so happy. I will definitely be coming back.

Jen's lips before lip fillers

Jen's lips after lip fillers

Jen's lips after lip fillers

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Having wanted lip fillers for years, I am 100% satisfied and thrilled with the results! David was wonderfully supportive throughout and made me feel completely comfortable. There was no pain, only mild discomfort and the swelling didn’t last long at all – I was busy meeting friends that same evening! Thank you, David and MediZen. Jen, Stratford
As with all treatments I have received at MediZen they have been only slightly uncomfortable, which is a testament to the professionalism of Anne and David. Norma Jackson, Staffordshire
Filler treatment was painless; numbing cream was used to help. Extremely pleased with results. M. Saveker, Sutton Coldfield
Having had Juvederm I was surprised at how painless the procedure was and would definitely have the treatment again. Elaine Wilson, Staffordshire
The treatment was exceptional, the doctor took time to explain the procedure and expected outcome. I will definitely return for top-up treatments. Deborah Hemming, Sutton Coldfield
Although apprehensive about my treatment David was very professional and reassuring throughout. The staff are efficient and friendly. I am incredibly pleased with my results and have no hesitation in returning in the future. I will definitely be recommending MediZen to my friends. Thank you. Carole Williams, Staffordshire
Really thrilled with my lips, I was taken care of brilliantly and the outcome is wonderful. I feel like a new woman! I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Thank you for making me young again. C, Bennett
I had Juvederm Fillers - clearly explained what I could expect in terms of results, shown examples of others' results. Very happy. Bridget Callaghan , Birmingham
Excellent results and treatment relatively pain free. Angela Bell , Cannock
The staff are extremely friendly and a pleasure to be around. My treatment was never rushed and I always felt at ease. Miss Whitehouse, Great Barr
I have, for the past two years, felt my lips getting thinner and thinner. I almost couldn't see my lipstick. The treatment has given me back my lips!! The treatment was very comfortable with slight swelling. I feel they look really natural and I would recommend the treatment to anyone unhappy with their lip fullness. Nia Owen, Sutton Coldfield

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