What is Lip Reshaping Treatment?

Lips are one of the most telling signs of ageing on the face; it’s something you can’t hide or cover over. Loss of volume, elasticity and collagen leaves lips looking less defined and unsymmetrical. However, it’s not only with ageing that we can become unhappy with the appearance of our lips, women of all ages are using lip enhancing fillers to redefine edges, even out balance, boost volume and create a smile they are happy to see in the mirror.

Lip reshaping and enhancement uses Juvederm Volbella which is a unique soft, smooth gel that is carefully placed into the lips to reshape. It has a lower Hyaluronic Acid concentration than similar products, which means that it is less likely to absorb water producing a more natural result with reducing swelling – We also have the skill to lift and treat the downward corners of the mouth that can develop into a slight frowning appearance – we can quite literally turn your frown upside down!

If you desire fuller and smoother looking lips but are worrying about having cosmetic filler lip injections because of the pain, you might be surprised to learn that we carried out a pain expected versus pain felt survey with our clients at MediZen. We were pleased to discover that the majority of people we asked thought that cosmetic lip fillers would be more painful than they actually felt during treatment. (The average expected discomfort score for Dermal Fillers is 2.12 (Uncomfortable): The average perceived discomfort score for Dermal Fillers is 2.94 (Slightly uncomfortable)) 

In 2012, Dr Eccleston, Clinical Director of MediZen, was co-author of the first published study on the use of this treatment, which we believe is now the gold standard to reshape and add volume to thin or aged lips for a natural more beautiful look.

You will not find anyone else in the Midlands with more in depth experience in the evaluation and use of this fantastic new state of the art lip shaping product. Our clients have all achieved great results in our clinic using this treatment, and so will you - read what they have to say about their lip enhancement treatment at MediZen by reading our Lip Reshaping Reviews.

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Your Lips Reshaping and Enhancement Experience

Before Lip Reshaping Treatment

Before Lip enhancing treatment using Juvederm Volbella, you will meet with our practitioner at our award-winning clinic, located in Sutton Coldfield who will explain the treatment process with you. We will then take a photograph using a special Visia Digital Skin Analysis System that helps us to accurately record the shape and size of your lips. We are one of the only clinics in the Birmingham area with access to this technologically advanced piece of equipment, which means that we can objectively measure results via a series of analysis tools allowing for comparison before and after your lip enhancement treatment.

During Lip Reshaping Treatment

Lip reshaping treatment will take place in one of our state of the art treatment rooms, you will be invited to lie down and relax as your treatment begins. We want you to be as comfortable as possible and aim to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

First, your practitioner will clean the area to be treated and although Juvederm Volbella is formulated with lidocaine for extra comfort. Your practitioner may choose to use a topical anaesthetic cream to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment with us. As the anaesthetic takes effect you are likely to feel numbness and some tingling in the area that has been treated.

The actual treatment only takes a few minutes. Your practioner’s exact injection technique will depend on the type of results you’re hoping to achieve. After the injection, your practitioner will massage the area to ensure the gel is properly distributed and the results are even.

After Lip Reshaping Treatment

After your Lip reshaping and enhancement treatment, your lips will feel a little tender and you may have slight redness and inflammation which will diminish after a few hours. Results are visible straight away and you will notice an instantaneous boost in plumpness and symmetry.  

Cosmetic lip fillers are broken down gradually by the body over time however, results we have achieved at MediZen on our clients have lasted for as long as 12 months. To keep lips looking volumised and plump, you may have to come back to us for re-filler treatment, this will be discussed with you during your consultation with us.

We will continue to monitor your progress and you will be invited back to MediZen so that our practitioner can discuss your post treatment care with you as well as taking an ‘After’ photo with our Visia digital skin analysis system so that you can compare before and after treatment results, objectively.

See Before and After photos of real MediZen clients.

Lip Reshaping Side Effects

Lip reshaping side effects are minimal but we find out clients commonly experience slight redness, swelling and tenderness at the injection site. Other less common side effects include a lingering lumpiness if gel isn’t smoother out properly. Millions of injections using hyaluronic acid have now been performed in people around the world since the earliest products of this type were introduced in 1998 and our skill and experience ensures that we minimise the likelihood of any unidentified problems following the treatment.

Is it Suitable for me?

Our clients have achieved great results using cosmetic dermal filler for Lip reshaping and enhancement and so can you.

We have treated hundreds of local Birmingham women with cosmetic fillers and any side effects usually wear off after a few days.  

Other alternative treatments for ageing skin include Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxing Injections.

Find out why you should choose MediZen for your treatment - watch a Video of Lip Reshaping and Enhancement.

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