What is Microdermabrasion?

Even when we wash our faces daily, dirt, oils and old cells can still build skin’s surface, often causing spots, blackheads and acne. These can make us conscious and embarrassed about our appearance, yet everyday soaps and gels don’t always solve the problem. From time to time, we need a procedure that can give the skin a deep cleanse and stimulate the growth of fresh cells to give us a younger, fresher complexion.

Microdermabrasion is a popular non-invasive procedure that offers painless skin exfoliation, for both the face and neck, to reduce the appearance of surface-level blemishes including:

The treatment works by passing a small, handheld device across the skin, and uses a flurry of fine, medical grade crystals to lift away the top layer of dead cells. The crystals are instantly ‘vacuumed’ away from the skin, along with any dirt and impurities. A layer of newer cells is revealed to give you fresher, brighter skin that is softer and smoother.

There are lots of advantages to lifting away this top layer of skin (known as the stratum corneum). The skin is better able to absorb the nutrients found in moisturisers and other creams. The epidermis (the layer below the stratum corneum) is stimulated into developing new collagen, whilst the dermis becomes tougher and more resistant to the characteristics of ageing.

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Your Microdermabrasion Experience

Before Microdermabrasion

Before Microdermbrasion treatment at MediZen, we invite to visit our medically-led clinic in Sutton Coldfield. We have easy access links to surrounding areas such as Walsall, Lichfield Tamworth and Birmingham. During your consultation, our skin health professionals we will assess your skin using our professional 2D and 3D Visia Canfield Analysis system, which evaluates your skin to help us decide whether Microdermabrasion is the most effective treatment approach to give you the best results.  We want you to feel confident and at ease, so our expert will then discuss what results you should expect to achieve and explain to you exactly what will happen at each step of the treatment.

During Microdermabrasion

During Microdermabrasion treatment, we start the by cleansing the skin and providing you with protection to shield your eyes from any stray crystals. The microdermabrasion wand is then passed across the skin in smooth strokes. The intensity of the treatment (such as the length of the session, the amount of crystals used and the pressure) can vary based the condition of your skin, and strength needed to achieve your desired results.The crystals are streamed onto the face, loosening dead skin cells and dirt, and are then instantly ‘vacuumed’ away. The crystals are fresh to each treatment and are never reused.

After Microdermabrasion

After Microdermabrasion treatment, you’ll notice a fresher facial appearance, a smoother skin texture, as well as reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. If you experience any redness (which will only appear for a short while), we can recommend makeup products that can improve this appearance whilst the skin recovers.

Depending on the treatment, a number of different sessions may be recommended. Maintenance treatment is highly recommended every few months to ensure you keep your skin looking fresher for longer.

Microdermabrasion Side Effects

Microdermabrasion is usually painless, however, you might experience some slight tightness and redness of the skin, which may last for an hour or two, and will then disappear.

Is it Suitable for me?

Our clients have achieved great results using this treatment as it is kind on sensitive skin types.

Microdermabrasion is not suitable for deeper wrinkles and scars, deep hyperpigmentation problems or broken veins in the skin. Depending on your skin problems and expectations, we may recommend our newer alternative treatment, Hydrafacial in order to get better long term results.

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