Migraine Treatment Videos

Videos of Migraine Treatment show what you can expect when you have Botox®, Botulinum toxin, to reduce the constant suffering of Migraines at our clinic.

Our experience at MediZen in the use of Botox® injections has shown it to be an effective and safe treatment for a chronic migraine. Over the last few years, many of the people that we have treated have tried a different drug or complementary medicine treatments, but their migraines were still having a significant impact on their quality of life.

Many people only know of Botox® because of its use in the reduction of lines and wrinkles; the treatment process for a migraine usually involves injections into the forehead as shown in this clip where a client was having treatment to reduce wrinkles. However, when we use Botox® for Migraines, Dr. Eccleston will also inject specific muscles in the back of the neck and forehead.

In this video, Dr David Eccleston illustrates how Botox® is administered.

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