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miraDry Sweat TreatmentDid you know that 1 in 5 people in the UK experience more intense sweating than they need to cool the body down?

Because overactive sweat glands can cause interruptions to even the most basic of daily activities, we offer miraDry sweat treatment at MediZen. This non-invasive and effective procedure uses electromagnetic technology to prevent sweat glands in the underarms from over-producing sweat, putting an end to frequent sweat patches, sweat rashes and odours in the underarm areas.

These videos of miraDry demonstrate what you can expect, when you come for your excessive sweat treatment with one of our expert practitioners at MediZen Cosmetic Clinic in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. 

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Read miraDry Reviews from our clients, who come from all over the West Midlands from Cannock to Walsall, Tamworth and Birmingham to have treatment with our team of Doctors, Nurses and Practitioners.

The MediZen Sweat Smart Centre is your specialist treatment centre offering the complete range of professional, non-surgical treatment options available to help you make the best decision to manage or alleviate excessive sweating. 
Mostafa experienced excessive underarm sweat (Hyperhidrosis) since an earlier. As a university lecturer, he has tried several antiperspirants, iontophoresis and other solutions, but he was thrilled when he discovered the miraDry treatment at Sweat Smart Centres. Mostafa explains:
Mili explains how her sweating bothered her and impeded her career as a make up artist.  In the video below Mili explains how miraDry excessive sweating treatment at MediZen.
Emma explains her treatment for excessive sweating at MediZen
After years of having to only wear dark coloured clothes Rebecca wanted the freedom to be able to wear what she wants without the embarrassment of visible sweat marks. Watch her story below.
In the video below Ron does a real world test of the miraDry treatment
Dr David Eccleston, Clinical Director of MediZen discusses the miraDry treatment

Watch this video to discover how MiraDry excessive sweat treatment works



Emma Jackson has been experiencing problem sweat (hyperhidrosis) since she was a teenager. After a miraDry sweat treatment for her underarms, she shares her excellent results and experiences with temporary side effects.



Susan B explains how miraDry has made her more confident as a school teacher. She is less conscious of sweating during work, and is able to wear brighter clothes, without the need to hide sweat marks. 


Meagan explains how she would often dread track running or other high school sports because of her excessive sweating. miraDry gave her a self-esteem boost, and now she rates it as the best underarm sweat solution.


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