Wrinkle Relaxing Cosmetic Injection Reviews

Read reviews of Cosmetic Injection treatment to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles at MediZen Cosmetic Clinic, Sutton Coldfield.  See how Tatler’s “Man in the Midlands for Botox®” has helped our clients feel more confident in their skin and how we can help you look refreshed and younger.

Botox® (Botulinum Toxin) is an injectable treatment that has been used in the UK since 1994 specifically as a treatment to dramatically reduce wrinkles.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve a less wrinkled appearance with our team of skincare experts visit What are Wrinkle Relaxing Injections?, see Wrinkle Relaxing Injection Before and After photos of real MediZen clients or watch Wrinkle Relaxing Injection Videos.

Case Studies

Tina Macafferty - IPL Thread Vein Removal, Botox® and Dermal Fillers Case Study

Tina Macafferty from Warwickshire talks about her experience of fillers, IPL thread vein removal and Botox® to help improve her complexion.

Maria - Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

When Maria, a young professional in her mid-twenties came to us for wrinkle relaxing injections, it wasn't a new scenario for our receptionists as we treat men and women of all ages here at the clinic. However, Maria wasn't simply concerned about her lines and wrinkles as most of our clients are - her worry was that her natural facial expression was harsh, she often found people thought she was miserable or unhappy.  

‘Resting bitch face’, or 'RBF' is the term given when a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to.

Maria below, explains why she decided to seek cosmetic treatment to improve her natural facial expression.

I decided to have Botox® because I was sick of my friends AND strangers asking if I was OK all the time!

Having worked in a face to face customer service environment every day, there was no escaping the daily “Are you ok? What’s wrong?”

I’d be completely fine, but my face said something else!

Because the town I live in is small. People would often recognise me from work when out in the pub (for example) and would say things like “you’re the lady at the customer service desk – why do you give me evil looks?” Having to profusely apologise and explain that I can’t help how I look really bothered me so I decided to correct this!

I wanted to feel approachable and I read an article online on the use of Botox® for “Resting Bitch Face”

This is a term for someone who looks miserable/angry/moody all the time.

For me, Botox® was not for anti – ageing. I’m only 27 and have no visible lines or wrinkles.

Since having Botox® to stop myself from frowning, I no longer have that “Resting Bitch Face”. My friends have definitely noticed an improvement and I don’t get asked if I’m OK!

For me, it wasn’t about eradicating wrinkle lines, it was to make my face more approachable and not look angry all the time. I travelled from Leicestershire as I read and heard great reviews!

I would definitely recommend MediZen for wrinkle relaxing injections and I would definitely travel back there again! You can’t put a distance on quality! Ian and Dr Eccleston were very friendly and professional. They were also very informative and answered any questions I had to ask.

Trying to frown before wrinkle relaxing injections

Trying to frown after wrinkle relaxing injections

Trying to frown after wrinkle relaxing injections

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Professional, you get what you pay for! Best Botox in the business. Girls are lovely, Davids not bad either! Valerie, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
My jaw muscle made my face look wider and square. I had Botox® with Dr. Eccleston. I'm very happy with the results, it has been extremely effective and now I have a smooth, more feminine shaped jawline. Mary P, Birmingham
I recently had Botox® to alleviate the harsh frown line I have. Amongst my friends, it’s often a joke that I have a resting mean face as I frown all the time (in other words, I look miserable all the time!) Since having Botox®, there has definitely been a massive improvement. My friends can’t believe the results!! For me, it wasn’t about eradicating wrinkle lines, it was to make my face more approachable and not look angry all the time. I travelled from Leicestershire as I read and heard great reviews! I would definitely recommend MediZen for Botox and I would definitely travel back there again! You can’t put a distance on quality! Ian and Dr. Eccleston were very friendly and professional. They were also very informative and answered any questions I had to ask Maria, Lutterworth
I had wrinkle relaxing treatment. Was nervous beforehand about the treatment but both Dr Eccleston and staff put me completely at ease. Really knowledgeable and tailored a bespoke package that really worked for me. I feel 10 years younger from having this and would highly recommend MediZen to anyone looking to get rid of their creases and wrinkles. E. Griffith, Sutton Coldfield
I cannot believe the change in my face. Ten years younger. I'm absolutely delighted with my appearance and skin. Would highly recommend this clinic to anyone – it has given self-esteem back. Many thanks to all the staff. V Farrow, West Midlands
I had Botox® before and had a bad experience with another company. I was recommended to Medizen and have been very happy with my results and how it was explained. Mr D Harper, Wolverhampton
After losing 40lbs, I felt great but looked terrible. The extra wrinkles on my face caused by weight loss made me feel so old. I never imagined I would be free of them and look good again. Thanks to Dr Eccleston I feel so confident and 20 years younger. It’s amazing. Ms J Holloway, Sutton Coldfield
What an amazing difference. My right eyebrow was lower than the left and Botox® has rectified this. Dr. Eccleston is a genius. Michelle M., Sutton Coldfield
Very good service. Alan Farmer, West Midlands
I was sent to MediZen as a mystery shopper and was very nervous and concerned about my first treatment. However all the staff were very friendly, gave great advice and took plenty of time to explain everything and reassure me. Will definitely return and recommend to others! Angie Dimmack, West Midlands
I have recently had Botox® and my cheeks revolumised with Dr. Eccleston and have been delighted with the results. I will definitely be returning to this clinic for maintenance and additional skin care procedures with Annie. Caroline Tillson, West Midlands
Very good service. Alan Farmer, West Midlands
The care and attention at MediZen is excellent, I have been having Botox® at MediZen for a long time now and the results are fantastic, I can recommend Dr. Ecceleston and MediZen highly. Katie Gazey, Sutton Coldfield
Excellent service and results very discrete. Vicky, West Midlands
Dr. David Eccleston and his wife Annie Eccleston, an Aesthetic Nurse have looked after my skin for the past two years. Even though I live in London I make the journey to Sutton Coldfield because there are very few people I trust to perform my cosmetic/facial aesthetics. Over the years I have had a variety of procedures including Fillers, Botox®, Pixel and now Dermarollering. I have been very pleased indeed with the results and cannot think of any other clinic I would rather go to. David and Annie really understand what you want and prescribe exactly what you need. Tracey B., London
I have had Botox® before by other doctors but David's care in administering the treatment was excellent, very little bruising and a good result. Sue, West Midlands
I have been more than happy with the staff and treatment and it has taken 10 years off my look. Many thanks. Stephen, Worcester
I am absolutely over the moon with the results of my Botox. I never expected so much change, my face looks younger, my eyes have lifted. My friends and family commented on how fresh my face looks and strangers have commented on my appearance. I am a fan for life. Sarah Hopkins, Four Oaks
I am 34 yrs old and since coming to MediZen I have started being ID'd in supermarkets for alcohol/cigarettes more than I ever have in my entire life! The treatments have made a huge difference to my appearance so many thanks to David, Annie and team. Sally Cope, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield
MediZen were highly recommended by a close friend. I came and had some treatments, I was slightly nervous but the staff here are amazing and put my mind at rest. The results of my treatments have been life changing and I feel more confident and feminine, I'm now happy to show my face and can't wait for my next treatment, fantastic! fantastic! fantastic! S. Nash, Sutton Coldfield
I was very happy with Botox® treatment and noticed a difference. S. Winrow, Birmingham
Having been to see a therapist who told me I was a lost cause. MediZen sorted out my problem quickly and easily. Ms Sapcote , Bromsgrove
So happy with the results from Botox® on my frown and crows feet. The results were noticeable after 1 week. I also had fillers on my lips and whilst the results were not obvious to others which is what I wanted, the change in my lip definition was fantastic. Ms Heggarty, Coventry
I am very pleased with my Botox® treatment - exceptional. I will definitely continue with further treatments as and when required and recommend to all! Thank you! Mrs M., Staffordshire
I had my first Botox® treatment at MediZen and I was not disappointed. I found all the staff at MediZen both reassuring and professional in every way. Mrs D., Staffordshire
I was delighted with the results after just one treatment. I should definitely continue to use MediZen for further treatments as their practitioners are so professional. Mrs C., Coventry
I found the treatment quick and very painless and the staff were great. I would tell anyone who wanted this done to go to MediZen. Mrs B., Walsall
This is my first visit to MediZen and I can honestly say that the pleasant surroundings and professional staff made me feel very comfortable. I am here today to have my Botox check-up with Dr Eccleston and I am so pleased with the treatment I have received and the results. Thank you. Miss G., Birmingham
The treatments at MediZen are fantastic! I have Botox® and feel that now when I look in the mirror a true reflection of the way I want to look shines back. The staff are extremely professional and friendly - I will be recommending MediZen to all my friends, relatives and my clients. Miss L., Staffordshire
I was very happy. There was a significant difference after just one treatment. I feel much better and much happier. Miss Khan, Birmingham
After Botox® and Fillers, I now feel refreshed and not so tired looking. I am very happy with my result which is natural looking. Miss Jenny Williams, Burntwood, Staffordshire
I found the staff friendly, helpful and nothing is too much trouble. There is always a relaxed atmosphere. Miss F., Birmingham
Dear Dr Eccleston, I felt I must put fingers to keyboard and type an email to let you know how thrilled I am with my Botox® treatment. The difference is subtle but wonderful. Friends who are unaware of my treatment have commented how fresh and smiley I appear, having inspected my face I have to agree! They are right, I can only put this down to my treatment, as I've not changed my beauty regime, in the slightest. My constant squinting (I think due to my blue eyes), had resulted in frown lines and crows feet, which have all but gone and I do feel I look much more approachable and invigorated. This is only a problem when I try to convince my bosses I have worked hard enough and am weary! I am glad that I came to a qualified Doctor and wouldn't dream of risking such a skilled facial treatment to anyone of any lesser calibre; I shall make a point of telling any friend thinking of considering the beautician route of my experience with MediZen, which has been nothing but positive. I would much rather my friends come to a qualified Doctor than chance their looks with anyone or anywhere else. Kind regards, Maria Maria, West Midlands
Very welcoming staff and extremely accommodating in fitting me in for appointments. Dr Eccleston is extremely professional, confident and honest. I am very pleased with his treatment and advice. Many thanks. M. Darrad, Birmingham
I have previously had Botox® treatments in Harley Street, but have switched my allegiance to Dr. Eccleston as the results with him have been far superior. I would now always come to MediZen as I can be confident I will receive friendly and efficient care in comfortable surroundings and will achieve an excellent result. Lisa, Birmingham
Very pleased with treatment - would recommend you visit this clinic. Karen, Kingstanding
Really pleased with the full service received from the facial analysis, consultation with David, procedure, results and aftercare. Results of Botox® are completely natural looking and everyone thinks I look 'well' but no-one knows why! J. Ashford, Sutton Coldfield
Very nervous about having Botox®, but Dr Eccleston put me at ease. Result was fantastic, really happy with my fresh look. Thank you. J. Williams, Staffordshire
I have to say that my Botox® has never been done so naturally and pain free. The photos that have been taken and the after service make for 5* treatment. I am always made to feel like a VIP on every visit. Amazing staff and quality service. Heidi Brookes, Staffordshire
I've had numerous treatments at MediZen and have been extremely satisfied and encouraged by the results. The treatments available are always leading edge and MediZen are pretty much the first to have the latest break throughs. Definitely would recommend MediZen to friends and family who want premium service and treatments. H. Khela, Birmingham
I had considered Botox for a long time, unsure of who to approach and wanted to be assured that I was given the best advice & treatment. I found MediZen on the web and it seemed that they were both professional & caring. I was right from the 1st appointment. I have been treated with respect & dignity and have had great results!! Gill B., Tamworth
Amazing results. Georgina, West Midlands
I had Botox® with Dr. Eccleston. I have had Botox® for approximately 8 years previously but my Botox® with Dr. Eccleston was superior to all my prior injectors. E. Rushton, Stoke on Trent
I had Botox® treatment previous to MediZen, but this time everything was made clear and I had virtually no bruising. I would definitely recommend it. Claire, Birmingham
From the first phone call to make an initial appointment I have been impressed by the professionalism, friendliness and courtesy of all the MediZen staff. My initial consultation was unhurried and reassuring and every aspect of the Botox® treatment was explained fully, both from the point of view of the procedure and the expected results. I was very pleased with the result and confident enough with MediZen to opt for a filler treatment after my follow up appointment. Again, the treatment was fully explained and the results were amazing. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending MediZen to anyone considering aesthetic treatments. Carol Large, Rugby
The pain and costs are minimal given the self-confidence achieved. Botox® is less uncomfortable than a dental appointment! I was very concerned to start with, but now I understand how comfortable and reliable and safe the treatments are. Angela B, Birmingham
The results were better than I expected. Andy, Birmingham
I was sent to MediZen as a mystery shopper and was very nervous and concerned about my first treatment. However, all the staff were very friendly and gave me great advice and took plenty of time to explain everything and reassure me. Will definitely return and recommend to others! A. Dimmack, Telford
Very helpful & professional. Happy with results of treatment, would recommend to friends! Susan Churchill, Walsall
As with all treatments I have received at MediZen they have been only slightly uncomfortable, which is a testament to the professionalism of Anne and David. Norma Jackson, Staffordshire
I have visited others practitioners who say they can administer Botox®, but I have never been happy. MediZen are by far the best. I would highly recommend them. Mrs H., Sutton Coldfield
The treatment was exceptional, the doctor took time to explain the procedure and expected outcome. I will definitely return for top-up treatments. Deborah Hemming, Sutton Coldfield
Although apprehensive about my treatment David was very professional and reassuring throughout. The staff are efficient and friendly. I am incredibly pleased with my results and have no hesitation in returning in the future. I will definitely be recommending MediZen to my friends. Thank you. Carole Williams, Staffordshire
Always happy with treatments I receive and would be delighted to recommend this clinic for treatments to any prospective clients. Very satisfied as always. M. Fischer, Tamworth
Very friendly professional service. The treatment was nowhere near as painful as I thought it would be. I will continue to come here for further treatments. Kim Orr, Sutton Coldfield
Having had the Botox® Treatment for Hyperhidrosis I can honestly say it has changed my life!!! A 'burden' has been lifted... I have a new-found confidence in my social and professional life. Miss Bond, West Midlands

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