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MediZen in the Press

Dr David Eccleston, Clinical Director of MediZen, has been quoted many times in the press and is regularly asked to give interviews to local and national journalists about his views and his expertise on cosmetic treatments. He has also been involved in television and radio debates concerning the cosmetic industry. 

How YOU can look years younger features Dr David Eccleston as one of the top 10 Botox Doctors in the UK. | Publication: The Daily Mail

11/03/2019 | David is named as The Daily Mail's 'superstars of the aesthetics world'. They all have an artistic eye, and the kind of mastery of Botox which comes from many years of training, teaching and practisingHow good is Dr Eccleston with Botox? Well, he teaches globally and has trained more than 3,000 doctors in how best to use the stuff. He is an international opinion leader on the topic, as well as a dab hand with a needle. So yes, extremely good.

The Anti-Ageing Map of Britain - Dr David Speaks About Treatments in the Midlands | Publication: The Daily Mail

03/06/2018 | The anti ageing map of Britain: From subtle tweaks in the capital to look-at-me transformations in the North, how where you live dictates what work you have done

Dr. David Eccleston Explains The Rise of Blotox! | Publication: Daily Mail

01/11/2017 | Botox isn't just for the face anymore, career women are having it injected into their scalps to maintain their blow-dries and stop them sweating when they work out. Dr. David Eccleston explains how this helps to maintain and prolong salon blow-dry even after a gym session.

Dr. David is Hello! Magazine's 'Best in the Business' | Publication: Hello!

18/05/2017 | As Hello! celebrates 15 years passing since Botox was licensed to smooth away lines and wrinkles in the UK, they look at how botulinum toxin has changed the face of beauty. The article looks at the key things you need to know if you are looking for wrinkle relaxing treatment and names its top picks for the Aesthetic Doctors who they think are 'The Best in the Business'.

The technological advances opening up treatment opportunities for laser | Publication: Professional Beauty

09/02/2017 | Professional Beauty Magazine speaks to our aesthetician, Zoe Myers about the huge difference to the hair removal results achievable using a dual-technology laser. “There’s a big Asian community here and we were getting to the point with a lot of clients who had fluffy, downy facial hair where we just couldn’t do any more with it beyond a slight reduction,” she explains. “But now we can achieve very safe and effective treatment of any sort of fluffy, black hair.”

Q and A with MediZen about our Duetto Evo Device | Publication: Aesthetic Medicine

15/12/2016 | Our Aesthetician, Zoe Myers was recently interviewed by Aesthetic Medicine about our latest and innovative Laser, the Duetto Evo.

One of the main reasons we are able to offer permanent hair reduction, and address such a wide range or treatment areas, hair colours or skin colour is our use of two Lasers widely considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in hair removal, alongside electrolysis for those that laser isn’t suitable for.

Why everyone's rushing to fix the 'too-far face' | Publication: The Telegraph

31/10/2016 | Cosmetic surgeons are increasingly spending their time deflating 'pillow faces' and fixing overly Botoxed eyes. So what's behind the rise of the reverse nip/tuck? We’ve all seen a ‘too-far face’. The one with the waxy sheen, plumped-up cheeks or eyes that just don’t look quite right. As reported in The Telegraph earlier this year, the ‘too-far face’ is a term used to describe somebody who has gone past the tipping point of cosmetic work – when smooth becomes frozen and when nicely plump becomes pillow-like. There are several reasons people look overdone, says cosmetic doctor David Eccleston, who has been injecting fillers and Botox for 22 years, and travels worldwide to train other practitioners.

What's her secret? Dr David talks to Instyle about Fillers | Publication: Instyle

16/07/2016 | No one it seems, can hide nowadays. With every image captured on social media, faces are scrutinised more than ever before. But how do some women stay looking so refreshed, no matter what their age? Well, one answer is fillers, especially on the face, neck and décolletage. We asked Dr David Eccleston, qualified medical aesthetics practitioner and clinical director from MediZen in Sutton Coldfield to answer our questions about this treatment.

MediZen are the first clinic in the Midlands to offer the Duetto Evo treatment | Publication: Aesthetic Medicine

29/06/2016 | As the Midlands’ premier cosmetic and laser hair removal clinic, we’re always reviewing the latest technology and advances in the areas that we specialise in, and as a result of such research we’ve invested in the latest state of the art hair removal laser. The Duetto system uniquely combines the two most effective wavelengths (or colours of light) used to safely get the maximum hair reduction on all skin types. It allows our laser specialists to tune the laser to target fine hairs or thick hairs for optimal hair reduction. We have the first system of its kind available in any professional hair removal clinic in the Midlands.

How much would YOU spend to look younger on your big day? | Publication: Daily Mail

07/06/2016 | Mature bride, 50, forks out £4,000 on treatments ahead of her Vegas wedding - including £1,500 on Botox. Amanda was delighted with the results and her friends and family were impressed, too. She said: 'Originally I was wary of filler as I have seen it go very wrong but David really put me at ease and used it so subtly that my friends and family didn't notice that I had been treated but constantly told me I looked well and refreshed, which is exactly the kind of result I wanted.' David says Amanda was a pleasure to treat and I am so pleased that she was happy with her results. She looks great on her wedding day!

6 questions you need to ask if you're thinking of having Botox® or fillers | Publication: PRIMA

10/03/2016 | Thinking of having fillers or Botox®? Before you start your treatment, these are the 6 questions you need to ask your practitioner. So if you're thinking of trying these anti-aging treatments, you need to do your homework. That means avoiding your local beauty salon with their cut-price offers, and finding a trained professional to carry out the work, says Dr. David Eccleston, one of the first doctors to inject Botox® in the UK. He sees at first-hand just how bad results can be when syringes are wielded by untrained practitioners, and spends a lot of time fixing dodgy work at his clinic, MediZen, in Sutton Coldfield.

A Smarter Way of Managing Sweat | Publication: Body Language

08/02/2016 | Annie Eccleston discusses miraDry Sweat reduction treatment. As experts in treating problems with sweating, we understand the major impact it can have on your life. The MediZen Sweat Smart Centre is your specialist treatment centre offering the complete range of professional, non-surgical treatment options available to help you make the best decision to manage or alleviate excessive sweating. In addition, we’re one of the only centres in the UK to offer miraDry, a revolutionary permanent solution to underarm sweating.

Sit-ups can give you a saggy stomach | Publication: Mail Online

04/02/2016 | Dr David Eccleston, of Birmingham’s MediZen Clinic, says that, over time, repeated sit-ups can ruin your appearance, giving you a craggy-looking turkey neck. He says: ‘The platysma is a broad, thin sheet of muscles stretching from the jaw to the upper chest. As the skin ages and thins, the muscles look like bands. ‘There are usually between two and four on each side of the neck. The more sit-ups you do, where the abdominal muscles are not fully engaged, the more you force these muscles to contract to help lift your head off the floor. Over time, they become more defined and noticeable.’ With women not getting clear advice on exercise, and blithely hitting the gym mat week after week, many like Becky are finding out too late the cost of over-doing sit-ups.

Fillers from Thai Groupon site leaves woman devastated when her lips turn BLUE and lumpy | Publication: Daily Mail

07/01/2016 | Speaking on behalf of Juvéderm, practitioner Dr David Eccleston, clinical director of MediZen, said in a statement: 'I have been injecting the brand fillers since the product was launched. 'Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous so-called practitioners who cut costs by using counterfeit or alternative products to maximise their profit margin and offer treatment at ridiculously low prices, which tempt the unwary. 'This story is unfortunately not a surprise - I have heard many similar ones.'

Dr David explains the micro-channelling technology behind Radara targeted skincare | Publication: Body Language

01/11/2015 | Dr David Eccleston discusses Radara Targeted Skincare in Body Language's November Issue. Due to the unique qualities of the micro-channelling technology, Radara is only available to buy through selected medical aesthetic clinics such as MediZen - the Radara flagship clinic in the Midlands, where our qualified practitioners can provide information and guidance on how to use the product effectively to gain the best possible results for your skin.

The gadget that could end the curse of sweaty armpits for good by zapping glands with electricity | Publication: Daily Mail

05/09/2015 | miraDry is a safe, clinically-proven solution that significantly reduces underarm sweat. A treatment involves just two sessions spaced three months apart using the specially-designed miraDry handpiece to heat and destroy these specific sweat glands, resulting in an average 82% reduction in underarm sweating. The daily mail reports on the miraDry device and features the story of how a Warwickshire based businessman brought the device to the UK and to MediZen, where the first UK Sweat Smart Centre was created. The article features our practitioner Zoe Myers.

Editors choice: miraDry sweat reducing treatment | Publication: Aesthetic Medicine

01/09/2015 | Editor of Aesthetic Medicine magazine Vicky Eldridge chooses miraDry as the editors choice for the September 2015 issue. In the article she gives a detailed overview of why she chose miraDry treatment, how the treatment went and how she felt afterwards. Dr David Eccleston is featured in the article discussing the treatment in his role as medical director of the UK's first Sweat Smart Centre.

8 Non surgical trends to look out for | Publication: Raconteur

03/08/2015 | With consumers increasingly educating themselves on aesthetic treatments, the trend towards treatments that offer better efficacy, shorter downtime and less pain are in high demand. Raconteur (also published in the Times and The Sunday Times) looks at the top 8 non surgical options that meet these consumer demands.

What happens to your body when you sweat? | Publication: Top Sante

14/07/2015 | Dr David Eccleston is interviewed for the August 2015 issue of Top Sante magazine in an article on sweating. As experts in treating problems with sweating, we understand the major impact it can have on your life. The MediZen Sweat Smart Centre is your specialist treatment centre offering the complete range of professional, non-surgical treatment options available to help you make the best decision to manage or alleviate excessive sweating. In addition, we’re one of the only centres in the UK to offer miraDry, a revolutionary permanent solution to underarm sweating.

Is Botox® the secret to smooth hair? | Publication: Mail Online

12/07/2015 | Is Botox the secret to smooth HAIR? MediZen and Dr David Eccleston is featured in a Daily Mail (Mail Online) Article entitled Is Botox® the secret to smooth HAIR? Meet the women getting sweat-reducing scalp injections to beat the summer frizz.

Would you get Botox® in your SCALP to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge's glossy locks? | Publication: Mail Online

26/06/2015 | MediZen's Dr. Eccleston, was featured in the Daily Mail on 26th June 2015, featured in the article, Don't flap! You CAN get rid of a turkey neck: From the best creams and exercises to going under the knife, how to roll back the years. Would you get Botox® in your SCALP to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge's glossy locks? Surge in women trying quirky treatment for frizz-free hair.

Dr David Eccleston talks to Instyle about facial fillers | Publication: Instyle

01/06/2015 | Dr David Eccleston of MediZen talks to Instyle about facial fillers in an article titled: SKIN SOS! If you don’t know your way around the world of injectables, don’t panic, we’ve got all the answers you need right here.

Facial Fillers - Dr Eccleston is Marie Claire's Filler Expert | Publication: Marie Claire

01/05/2015 | Dr David Eccleston is Marie Claire's go-to medical expert when it comes to advice and information about facial fillers. From practical advice to the results you can expert and safety concerns, Dr David runs down all the considerations you should be exploring before contacting your local approved and regulated dermal filler treatment provider.

Dr David Eccleston explains Hyperhidrosis in Journal Feature | Publication: Aesthetics Journal

08/10/2014 | Dr David Eccleston explores the treatment options for hyperhidrotic patients.

Video: Dr Eccleston explains HydraFacial - The Power Facial | Publication: Fitness and Beauty (Sky TV ch. 282)

30/03/2014 | On Sky TV's Fitness and Beauty channel, Antonia Mariconda speaks to MediZen clinic's Dr. David Eccleston about the revolutionary skin cleansing, stimulating, hydrating and exfoliating treatment - The HydraFacial. So why is it better than using moisturisers and creams?

Good News Girls... Botox® Works! | Publication: Mail Online


There are numerous ‘Botox®-in-a-bottle’ type creams and lotions on the market, but none of them works like the real thing. Dr. David Eccleston, of the Medizen clinic in Birmingham, says: ‘There are ongoing trials with Revance, a cream containing a botulinum toxin.

‘You have to put a huge amount of toxin on because only a tiny amount penetrates the skin, so the cost is likely to be prohibitive – and you still have to go to a doctor to have it applied because it’s a drug.’

Video: The Safe Guide To Nip/Tuck | Publication: Fitness and Beauty (Sky TV ch. 282)

28/02/2014 | Broadcast on Sky TV, Dr. Eccleston gives his top 3 tips about the importance of choosing a clinic that is registered with the Care quality Commission (CQC), and a medically-led practice rather than shopping around for the cheapest option.

Don't flap! You CAN get rid of a turkey neck... | Publication: Mail Online

13/11/2013 | The skin around the neck is particularly delicate, yet it is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to beauty regimes. Dr. Eccleston explains the advantages having Botox injections to make an ageing neck look more youthful.

The weakest link | Publication: Body Language

30/09/2013 | Dr David Eccleston and Dr Jonquille Chantrey discuss the difference between low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids and their relationship to the cross-linking process, as well as facial anatomy and how best to treat male patients using Allergan's Juvederm Voluma and Volift fillers.

Excessive perspiration turned Emma into a recluse until an unlikely cure changed her life | Publication: Daily Express

22/09/2013 | She says: “I was only three years old when my mum started using antiperspirant on me, but it didn’t make any difference. By the time I started school, I was only too aware that I was different. On hot days, sweat would trickle down my sides and soak the waistband of my skirt. Desperate to hide the dinner plate-sized wet patches, I kept my arms virtually superglued to my side. If I needed to reach something, I’d move my whole body rather than stretch out an arm. Back at home, I’d peel off my clammy clothes, but within seconds of showering I’d be drenched again. The washing machine was forever whirring and my tops would fall apart after just a few wears.

100 Hottest Health Gurus | Publication: Top Sante

19/09/2013 | Whether they're top of their field, offering a cutting-edge treatment or the A-listers' expert of choice, these are the specialists in health, fitness and beauty that you need to keep on speed dial...

Painless and effective long term hair removal | Publication: Streets Ahead Mag

10/09/2013 | Hair removal plays a huge part in grooming for both men and women. But hardly is it the most convenient. In an exploration of the best long-term hair removal options, Dr. Eccleston explains the advantages of Soprano, a new laser-based removal system, over alternative options.

Home and Dry: Sweating Article | Publication: Daily Express

01/09/2013 | A heartfelt and honest article covering the story of one of Dr. Eccleston's clients, whose longtime difficulties with excessive sweating were finally solved with Botox treatment, after considering and trying several other unsuccessful solutions.

The women becoming immune to Botox®: How over-use of the wrinkle-freezing drug is changing women's bodies | Publication: Mail Online

17/07/2013 | Since it first became available for cosmetic use in the UK just over a decade ago, Botox® has been seen as a magic bullet in the fight against ageing. Yet despite the fact that over a million treatments are given in this country every year, it is a little-known fact that not only are some patients immune to it altogether, but a growing number of women who have been getting the jabs too often, for too many years, is gradually building up a resistance to it. It is estimated that anything between 0.5 and 3 per cent of patients doesn't respond at all to the neurotoxin, which works by blocking messages in the nerve endings and weakening facial muscles for around four months at a time.

Would YOU try the no-knife neck lift to look as good as Helen Mirren? | Publication: Mail Online

05/05/2013 | inspiration for women wanting a swan-like, youthful neck. And last week a regal Helen Mirren, 67, showed off her unbelievably smooth neck and jaw as she picked up an award for her portrayal of the Queen. Unlike the Egyptian queen, we face modern challenges to keep our necks as smooth and firm as Helen’s. Nefertiti did not have to contend with ‘smartphone face’, the term coined by cosmetic doctors to describe the shortening of the neck muscles and pull on the jowls caused by spending hours looking down at laptops, mobiles and iPads.

Women using so much Botox® it's stopped working: Users develop antibodies making treatment less effective | Publication: Mail Online

28/04/2013 | It is the £200-a-time beauty treatment many women swear by to smooth out their wrinkled foreheads and crow’s feet.But those relying on Botox® to hold back the years could be wasting their money – because they are becoming immune to the injections, warn scientists.

Melasma drove me to rub bleach into my face | Publication: The Telegraph

13/03/2013 | Four years ago, Shaista Iqbal took a bottle of bleach out of her kitchen cupboard and applied it to her face. “I put it directly on to my skin,” she remembers, shuddering. “I was so desperate. I thought my skin would peel off and I would look normal again. But the skin was raw and I was in agony for weeks.” Shaista, 44, a mother of four from Birmingham, was suffering from melasma, a common skin condition that left her face abnormally dark, blotchy and discoloured. Melasma (called chloasma if it occurs during pregnancy), is a symmetrical darkening of the complexion, usually concentrated on the upper cheeks and forehead. It is up to 10 times more common in women than men, appearing between the ages of 20 and 40.

Turn Back Time | Publication: Celebs on Sunday

03/09/2011 | The launch of Elevate with ePrime met much curiosity from many celebrity magazines, as an alternative to invasive surgery. Celebs on Sunday looks at why this collagen-stimulating treatment is different from other Radio Frequency-based solutions.

Four Oaks firm welcomes new Botox® rules | Publication: The Birmingham Press

01/05/2010 | In 2010, The Department of Health launched a quality marking scheme for practitioners of Botox® treatments. The move was welcomed by doctors and clinical directors, and MediZen was the first clinic in the Midlands to be approved. Dr. Eccleston commented on how the register will protect the public from unqualified operators.

Best for Botox® | Publication: Tatler

26/04/2010 | MediZen and Dr. Eccleston make an appearance in Tatler's Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2010, with the magazine recommending our expertise in Botox® and facial-fillers.

Firm is Tops for a Second Time | Publication: Sutton Coldfield News

25/12/2009 | It was a night of celebration at The Midland Business Awards, as MediZen won first prize for 'Best Small Business'. Dr. Eccleston took the opportunity to advise readers about the many unlicensed operators that offer 'cut price' services, and that anyone undertaking injectable cosmetic treatments should ensure practitioners have the highest levels of credibility and procedures.

Laser Hair Removal - The Latest Beauty Trend | Publication: Streets Ahead Mag

01/09/2009 | Dr. Eccleston and specialist Sarah Cox speak to Streets Ahead on why Laser Hair Removal is no longer a preserve of the rich and famous, and is a long-lasting, pain free alternative to shaving and waxing.

'Don't be a Botox® Fool' says top doc | Publication: Sutton Coldfield News

07/08/2009 | Increasingly, injectable facial filler treatments are becoming more widely available on the internet, with many suppliers encouraging users to inject themselves. MediZen's Dr. Eccleston warns people of the dangers of administering Botox® and other substances into their own face or using non-clinically trained practitioners.

Skin Solutions | Publication: Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Magazine

01/08/2009 | Jenny Pitt reports on the latest ways to rejuvenate and protect your skin, speaking with Dr. Eccleston on how Microdermabrasion can tackle acne scars in collaboration with other treatments. He also offers words of advice on Microsclerotherapy for thread vein treatment.

Botox® and the Beauty Therapist! | Publication: Streets Ahead Mag

01/07/2009 | So you've decided to try Botox® or Dermal fillers to solve your wrinkle concerns. But who can you approach for a safe and fully professional treatment? In this article, Dr. Eccleston gives the lowdown on legislation and the potential risks of non-medical practitioners.

Plumping up | Publication: Cosmtic Surgery & Aesthetic Magazine

30/06/2009 | Dr. Eccleston comments on Vavelta, a brand new treatment that promises to remodel the skin from the inside out. Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic magazine investigates how human dermal fibroblast cells can progressively repair and maintain healthy skin through a non-invasive treatment.

This Year it's My Turn to do the Fun Run | Publication: Sutton Coldfield Observer

29/05/2009 | MediZen's Annie Eccleston steps up to the challenge of the Great Midlands Fun Run, alongside her husband and two children, just three months after undergoing major surgery for breast cancer.

Donations Welcome | Publication: Aesthetic Medicine

30/12/2008 | Dermal fibroblast cells extracted from foreskins seem an unusual choice of injectable, but studies suggest they are effective for skin rejuvenation. In this specialist article, Dr. Eccleston explains how these cells are a safe way to improve facial contour, wrinkles, acne scars and other skin imperfections.

Medizen Takes Best Small Business Award | Publication: Sutton Coldfield News

21/11/2008 | Hard work pays off for MediZen as we were awarded the Sutton Coldfield News 'Best Business Award' in the Small Business category.

Sutton Cosmetic Centre Hits Out | Publication: Sutton Coldfield Observer

14/10/2008 | Dr. Eccleston expresses his concern at the Government's moves to deregulate laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments in the aesthetic sector.

Life After The Face Lift

02/10/2008 | Much of the beauty industry is obsessed with the idea of removing wrinkles. In this article, Dr. Eccleston and MediZen business manager Ron Myers explain that achieving healthy, glowing and vibrant skin is more rewarding and noticeable than smoothing out the occasion wrinkle.

Fractional RF A New Medium | Publication: Aesthetic Medicine

01/06/2008 | Dr David Eccleston gives his opinion on ABC's latest development, the Pixel RF head used in conjunction with the Accent XL multi-application RF and Plasma device for stretch marks, striae, fractional skin resurfacing, wrinkles and lines.

Spot of Bother | Publication: The Sunday Times

20/01/2008 | Freckles may look sweet, but give them a spell in the sun and they can prove just as ageing as liver spots. The Sunday Times explores Hyperpigmentation, what causes it and who or what can be done. Dr Eccleston explains that wearing good sun protection should be the first line of defence.

Centre Stage for City Expert | Publication: Birmingham Independent

14/12/2007 | Dr. David Eccleston joined a host of industry experts presenting at the Clothes Show and Eve Style Show at the NEC in December 2007. On stage he spoke about the common misconceptions concerning the use of Botox (botulinum toxin) for cosmetic purposes.

All About Wrinkles | Publication: bodybeautiful

28/11/2007 | MediZen have been chosen to conduct clinical trials for two potential competitors to Botox for wrinkle relaxation. Dr. Eccleston explains how he is keen for MediZen to be at the forefront of scientific research for new products and procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery Event | Publication: Sutton Coldfield Observer

05/07/2007 | In partnership with plastic surgeon CC Kat, MediZen hosted an educational cosmetic event, featuring talks from aesthetic experts offering preventative and corrective advice, and the opportunity for guests to try the Visia 2D, a revolutionary skin analysis machine.

Setting The Standard | Publication: Aesthetic Medicine

01/10/2006 | Aesthetic Medicine magazine explores how MediZen have been working hard to build public confidence in the aesthetics market, not only as a first-rate cosmetic clinic, but also as a training ground and trial centre for products and procedures.

Skin Care Specialists Get Set to Run For Charity | Publication: Sutton Coldfield Observer

13/09/2006 | Dr. David Eccleston and the MediZen team gear up for The Great Midlands Fun Run in aid of skin cancer research. He explains how it important it is to protect the skin when travelling to summer destinations abroad.

The Evolution of The Dermal Filler | Publication: Aesthetic Medicine

01/04/2006 | Lorna Jackson, Editor of cosmetic advice and information site, Consulting Room, reflects on the evolution of the dermal filler market, with comments from David Eccleston.

How To Put Off Your First Filler | Publication: Red Magazine

01/04/2006 | Dr. Eccleston contributes to Red Magazine's article on how to hold back the years without using surgical options, citing high concentrations of vitamins A and C as a way to repair sun damaged skin and shield against further damage from UV rays.

Stella's 35 Ways To Change Your Life | Publication: Daily Telegraph Magazine

01/01/2006 | In Stella's 35 Ways To Change Your Life, Dr. Eccleston suggests wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen all year round as a New Year's resolution.

Giving Your Skin a Real Lift | Publication: Sutton Coldfield Observer

21/10/2005 | MediZen appeared in Sutton Coldfield's local press following the launch of our state-of-the-art clinic at Mere Green in October 2005.

Q&A - Dr David Eccleston on Botulinum Toxin | Publication: Aesthetic Medicine

01/10/2005 | Dr. Eccleston gives the lowdown on the potential of Botox, why it is one of the safest drugs he's ever used, and why it one of the most talked-about aesthetic treatments available.

The Eyes Have It | Publication: Select - Birmingham Post

01/09/2005 | MediZen makes an appearance in the Birmingham Post, in a feature on how Botox can improve the tell-tale signs of ageing on the face, such as frown lines and crows feet, and muscular problems including eyelid spasms.

How to Fake a Super Healthy Tan | Publication: Reveal

05/08/2005 | Reveal presents a collection of tips on how to perfectly preparing your skin for the sun. Dr. Eccleston explains that, when it comes to creaming up, it's vital you apply a thick layer, even when the lotion is a high SPF.

These Beauty Fixes Will Turn You Into a Beach Goddess | Publication: B Magazine

01/07/2005 | B's beauty director Emma Hill reveals all the beauty tips you need to avoid summer burn-out, and ensure you're gorgeous from head-to-toe. Dr. Eccleston offers tips on how to choose the right sunscreen.

7 Steps To Beautiful Breasts | Publication: Red Magazine

01/11/2004 | The décolletage shouldn't be neglected when it comes to looking after your skin. With the help of Dr. Eccleston, Red magazine offers 7 ways to keep the chest and cleavage looking healthy and rejuvenated.

Beauty Bare Essentials | Publication: Star Magazine

23/08/2004 | Everybody needs help to get their skin as fresh as a newborn baby's. Here are some tips to kick-start your skincare routine from Star's Beauty Editor Hershey Pascual.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Botox® Injections | Publication: HospitalDoctor.Net

17/10/2002 | When patients ask Mr Dai Davies, a consultant plastic surgeon at Charing Cross Hospital, about Botox®, he tells them: 'It is nature's most poisonous toxin.' But this does not deter the increasing numbers of people opting to have the cosmetic treatment.