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How we have helped to change some of our clients lives at MediZen

We've accumulated literally hundreds of positive reviews, comments, testimonials and thank you cards from clients over the years. It's one of the really rewarding things about what we do here at MediZen as we love helping people to feel happier about the way that they look, and making them feel more confident in themselves.

We're always grateful to our clients who allow us to publicly use their stories so that people like you can read and hear about the difference that we have made to their lives. If you have a similar problem, we hope that we can make the same positive difference for you.

You can read Reviews here from many of our existing clients to see what they have to say about our treatments, our clinic and our staff.

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Daphne - How I Got My Confidence Back With Leg Vein Treatment

Daphne came to MediZen as she felt self-conscious of her leg veins, she longed to wear skirts in the Summer with confidence, without constantly having to worry about her veins.

Thread veins, often known as broken or spider veins, are tiny red, blue or purple lines just below the skin. They are veins that have become dilated and more easily visible through thinner, usually older skin. They measure no more than 1-2mm in thickness, and shouldn’t be confused with varicose veins, which bulge outwards from the skin, and are regarded as a more serious medical condition.

Laser Thread Vein Removal is a quick and simple treatment to remove fine thread veins and general facial redness that arise on your face, or for the treatment of spider veins on the legs. Using a process known as ‘Photojuvenation’, we can use light energy to heat the area treated, removing thread veins whilst ensuring that we don't damage the surrounding tissue.

I was really nervous about the Duetto vein treatment as I’ve never had any laser treatment before and I had heard that it can be quite painful. However, after a consultation at MediZen, I felt at ease as my practitioner explained what I could expect from the treatment.

During my first treatment, some veins lightened up instantly and some darkened. My practitioner explained that both of these outcomes were an indication that the laser was having the desired effect.

Immediately after the treatment the area treated went red and there was a mild amount of swelling.

My second treatment session was eight weeks later and by that time most of my veins had disappeared, whilst the others had visibly faded.

After three treatments they had completely faded.

I’m so thrilled with the results and I won’t have any hesitation to wear skirts in the Summer now!

Legs before Duetto Laser treatment

Veins visibly reduced after treatment

Veins visibly reduced after treatment

Photos Copyright of MediZen Ltd

Dani - Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments here at MediZen and we get men and women from all over the Midlands coming to us for treatment. 

Dani is one of our clients who came to us for Laser hair removal and was thrilled with her results. She wanted to share with our other clients why she decided to get hair removal treatment with us and actually approached us to see if we could use her story!

I am not the type of girl to worry too much about her appearance - I'm not into reading beauty magazines and I can honestly say I'd never really thought twice about visiting a cosmetic clinic until a year or so ago.

I have always found shaving a hassle. I've always found the routine tedious and always had to double check if I had a few spare razors when I went off travelling, but apart from waxing (ouch!) or depilatory creams (do they actually work for anybody?!) I didn't know there was any other way. Shaving seemed to keep the hairs at bay for a few days so I stuck with it and resigned myself to thinking; 'I guess this will have to do'.

About a year ago I stumbled across an article someone had shared on Facebook about the cost of shaving - it was actually a blog written by MediZen that stated that the average woman spent around £20,000 on average shaving her legs over a time period of around 49 years - that's around 170 days shaving your legs over a lifetime - eek! I decided there and then that I would look into other options and discovered laser hair removal.

I was cautious at first, hence why it took me about a year from reading the article to actually coming to MediZen for treatment, and making the decision to physically come into a cosmetic clinic and get treatment was a bit scary so I did my homework thoroughly. MediZen have a great guide to laser hair removal which I downloaded for free and they have practical tips about what a person should look for when thinking about investing in the treatment. I researched costs and the practicalities of what was involved, I watched videos explaining the treatment and also read through independent reviews of both the clinic and the treatment.

I learned that MediZen are considered the premier laser hair removal clinic in the Midlands and their clients, awards and money invested into staff training and their equipment was unmatched. I was impressed with what I had learnt and the fact that they also had an easy payment method for laser hair removal packages made me pick up the phone. After I had decided it was the right treatment for me and that I would give it a go I have never looked back, from the first phone call to book in for my patch test and consultation the girls took fantastic care of me. Lucy, my practitioner fully explained the treatment and what was going to happen and really put me at ease as she explained how she herself had also had treatment.

The treatment itself was absolutely painfree and I couldn't help wondering why I had been so nervous beforehand! The feeling of the laser on your skin is something like a deep tissue massage, it was a warm sensation and quite pleasant.

As soon as Lucy had finished the treatment I jumped up to try and see the difference it had made - Lucy then explained what would happen next and that the effect would be seen after about 2 weeks. After about a week and a half I did my usual shaving routine (diligently once every 2-3 days) and noticed the hair was slower to grow back, in fact I couldn't see signs of regrowth for about 6-7 days. I was over the moon at that point and as I have progressed through my package the results have only continued to improve.

I honestly can't recommend the treatment and MediZen enough!!

Ron - miraDry Case Study

MiraDry works in a similar way to laser hair removal, in that it uses energy generated by a device to heat and eliminate unwanted structures in the skin.

To test the treatment Ron went through a before and after experiment. A keen cyclist Ron completed some rigorous exercise to demonstrate his normal sweat levels, after his initial period of exercise Ron reported, sweating all over, including his under my arms, even though he had used an antiperspirant.

3 months after miraDry treatment Ron returned to the gym and completed another round of strenuous exercise, minus anti perspirant. After about 20 minutes Ron reported absolutely no sweating from the underarm area.

It’s very rare that any of us talk about sweat and the best way to control it, after all it’s natural that we sweat to cool our body down when we exercise or are too hot. Most of us keep unwanted sweat at bay by using antiperspirants, which contain ingredients including aluminium chlorohydrate or similar aluminium based chemicals to block the sweat glands, alternatively we use deodorants to mask any associated smells.

However not everyone finds these to be effective enough for their needs and what’s more an increasing number of people have concerns about using chemical based products on a daily basis, with some individuals experiencing rashes caused by certain brands, miraDry is a very different approach to managing sweat and that’s why it caught my attention.

The treatment was a lot more comfortable than I had originally expected, there were a few occasions when there was a bit of a hot spot but other than that it was perfectly fine.

I’m thrilled with the results and at never having to use deodorant again!

Stephanie C - Collagen Pin Case Study

On 24th March 2016 Stephanie had her first collagen PIN treatment at Medizen in Sutton Coldfield and on her own blog (http://www.pricelesslifeofmine.com/) shared the details of her treatment experience, as well as the pics.

What is collagen PIN/micro-needling?

The collagen bit is easy. PIN stands for percutaneous induction needling, also known as micro-needling. Micro-needling is a treatment where micro needles penetrate the skin causing a controlled wound which will then lead to the skin producing growth factors, collagen and elastin, all of which deplete as we get older. I don't know all of the science-y bit (wish I did) but this treatment can help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, brighten dull skin and generally help with all round facial rejuvenation. Sounds good hey? Some of you may have heard of, or even had the micro-needling roller but they are now considered the previous generation of needling devices with the newer PIN causing less damage to the skin, offering quicker healing and higher rates of success. Manual rollers have a fixed needle depth whereas the PIN offers adjustable needle depth which is great when treating different areas of the face.

It goes without saying that I did a lot of research on the procedure and clinics before jumping in. I have to be 100% comfortable with the clinic and the staff or I won't even entertain going for any type of treatment. If the staff are rude, inefficient or unfriendly in any way, shape or form, no matter how small I will not go back, whether they have the best reputation or not, I have to feel comfortable in my surroundings and happy in their care.

I opted to go to Medizen after Antonia Mariconda mentioned she had her hydrafacial there, so thanks Antonia, I would't have found them otherwise. OK, so it's not on my doorstep but they're only a 50 minute drive away. At my first consultation I met Mary-Jane who did my skin analysis and then had a good chat with me my about my options. I instantly felt comfortable with Mary-Jane, she took the time to listen to my concerns and explained everything, which is what you need isn't it? No-one wants to feel rushed or even worse pressurised into believing you need this treatment and that treatment. I was more than happy to put my face in her hands.

So without further ado, I sat with numbing cream slapped all over my face!! I sat with this on for half an hour. And then it began. Mary-Jane told me everything she was doing along the way, even showing me the unpacking of the new sterile needles. I wrongly assumed that the lip area would be the most painful but she promptly told me it's actually the forehead as the skin is thinner here, she was not wrong!

Please don't be alarmed at the blood, apparently blood is good.

Does it hurt?

I've read so much info on line that tells you it doesn't hurt. I'm not going to lie to you, I felt this and I consider myself to have a high pain threshold. Not in a very painful way, please don't think that, but just slightly uncomfortable with having to deep breath in a couple of areas, most of the time I was totally relaxed. See, I'm sort of smiling in the picture. If you are thinking of having this don't be put off by that as we're all different aren't we, and you may have a totally different experience to me.

You can get quite close to the under eye area and lip area helped by the fact that you can customise the needle depth. Mary-Jane explained that the device she used on my face had 36 needles, so that's 36 needles each time it pierced my skin. Ouch. I think she did one pass over my face, perhaps concentrating a little more on my really wrinkly areas! I think the whole face took around an hour.

The left picture is just as I left the clinic and got in the car and the right one is a few days post treatment using a hydrating mask they gave me. Before I left the clinic Mary-Jane popped some hydrating/soothing cream on and gave me some to take away for the next few days and you have to use mineral makeup for that duration as well as it doesn't build any bacteria.


Mary-Jane had told me my skin would be red, tight and possibly sore for a while afterwards, and oh yes it was. That night my skin felt VERY tight indeed. The next morning the redness had died down quite a bit but it was still redder than I thought it would be and it was sore, it was uncomfortable just trying to put the cream on. I had some quite bad red marks at the top of my nose, on both sides, they took the longest to disappear. The mineral make up I had wasn't covering it that well either, especially on top of the thick cream I'd been given, it just slid off! I haven't put any pics on from the few days after as I don't look pretty. A few days in and your dry skin then starts to flake and peel so not a good look! Oh and my eyes were puffy underneath for a couple of days too.

Collagen PIN is a treatment classed as needing no downtime, that wasn't the case for me. I personally would not have wanted to go to work looking like I did and am glad I had the Easter holidays to hide away as my face was red for quite a while. My skin isn't product sensitive, it's more touch sensitive so maybe that's why. Again, may be totally different for you but at least you know and can be prepared.


Once the redness had gone and the peeling stopped my skin certainly had more clarity and was plumper, my best friend commented on how great it looked when I went back to work 4 days post treatment which made me feel good. My skin looks smoother in places, and it's looking a lot healthier. Overall I'm really pleased. My skin's not looking amazing but it's a work in progress though and great skin doesn't happen overnight. I'm confident I'll see massive improvements after my third session. 3-6 treatments are recommended depending on the area. For various reasons my second one has to be delayed ever so slightly but it's booked for 4th May and in a weird way I'm looking forward to it. I'm booked in for a course of three (at the minute) so I'll report back to you guys after my third and let you know my final thoughts.

Another reason for me picking Medizen is that they offer various treatment packages allowing you to spread the cost, (that's what I've done) let's face it we don't all have disposable cash at our fingertips and it's great way to make the treatments affordable for us all. If you're interested in the Collagen PIN or any other treatment for that matter then head to the Medizen website where you'll find all the info you need.

If you've been thinking about having micro-needling I hope this post has helped in some way and if you have any questions then just ask. Remember as well if you're looking for a clinic, Safety in Beauty must come first, do your research!

Numbing up before treatment

Immediately after treatment

Immediately after treatment

Photos Courtesy of www.pricelesslifeofmine.com

Mostafa - A Case Study of Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Mostafa, a hyperhidrosis sufferer from Loughborough who has experienced the symptoms of excessive sweating for the majority of his life came to MediZen for treatment. After trying and testing many, many things, he is finally able to manage his condition. 

The MediZen Sweat Smart Centre is your specialist treatment centre offering the complete range of professional, non-surgical treatment options available to help you make the best decision to manage or alleviate your condition. In addition, we’re one of the only centres in the UK to offer miraDry, a revolutionary permanent solution to underarm sweating.

As experts in treating problems with sweating and hyperhidrosis, we understand how embarrassing uncontrolled sweat outbreaks can be, and the major impact they can have on your life. Whether you have occasional, regular outbreaks, triggered by certain situations, or a daily struggle with a sweating disorder to cope with sweat stains and odour, we have practical advice and solutions that can help you effectively manage your problem and reduce the impact that it has on your life.

For more information visit www.sweatsmart-birmingham-medizen.co.uk/ or click here for a Free E-Guide

We asked Mostafa to share his story... 

I am a severe hyperhidrotic person. I can’t remember since when because I have grown up and found myself like that (I think I was born with it already). I am now 35. The 3 affected areas are my hands, feet and the underarms, and the severity level is more or less the same.

I have therefore been living with this nasty condition all my life and the space here is quite limited to explain how negatively it did affect my quality of life throughout the different stages of my life. When I was in the primary school age, I used to use loads of tissues underneath my hands to do the school work and writing activities. However it was not until the secondary school age when I actually started to realise that I am indeed different from other people. When I joined university, I was very embarrassed.

Life was becoming more difficult even on very simple day to day activities, for example, shaking hands, sitting confidently next to other people in a lecture, and getting on with friends was a challenge, etc. I had to use loads of sprays, change t-shirts quite often, and shoes hardly lived with me for a couple of months. To do university work, the tissues were still there. At examination time, however, it was a nightmare. Tissues were not enough. I had to use towels.

After I graduated, I got offered a job straight away as a lecturer.

You can imagine how embarrassing it is standing in front of students with sweat stains underneath your arms. I couldn’t wear any dark shirts, and I loved winter than summer as I used to wear jumpers to hide the stains. Yes – I could actually feel it when doing things which are, to other people, normal activities, for example attending meetings, interviews, lectures, etc. I can actually feel that something inside me was wrong which makes me uncomfortable and anxious, but I couldn’t help it.

In 2009, I got fed up and decided to speak up. So I visited my GP and talked to him about it. He offered me pills and roll on antiperspirant thinking that this might be the cure, but unfortunately nothing happened. So he then referred me to a specialist dermatologist. It was only at this time when I started seeing some light down the tunnel. The dermatologist explained that this is a medical condition called “hyperhidrosis” and that he is aware of it and that it is affecting loads of other people as well and that there are some treatments out there that can help. Really? This thing has got a name? And I am not alone? Treatments? Please tell me more. I even started researching it myself to see what is going on.

To start with, he offered me Botox®, only for underarms though, as he said it is quite painful for the hands and feet. The injections were quite painful and it didn’t really last long with me anyway. He then booked me in for surgery where they cut the overactive nerve and stop triggering the sweat glands. But when I looked into its side effects, I got scared and decided against it. Finally, he then introduced the iontophoresis machines to me and explained that the electric current output from these machines can help reduce the sweating. I accepted the offer because I was quite determined to try any kind of treatment as long as it is not touching the nerves. So I started the treatments in the NHS hospital for the three affected areas and it was not until the fourth session when it really started to make a difference. I was very impressed about the results. After I completed the initial program (7 sessions, I think), sweating was significantly reduced. I couldn’t believe it. For the first time in my life I started having some dry hands, feet, and underarms as well; and life started to change.

The only down thing, however, is that I had to regularly keep doing sessions (for me is about once every week) to maintain the dryness. Fortunately, smaller versions of these machines are offered for purchase for home/private use. So I don’t have to go to the hospital every time I need a treatment session. So I bought one and regularly use it at home to help reduce my sweating. Now I cannot live without it. I take it with me everywhere I go, even on holidays. Having been using it for the past few years now already, however, I noticed that the machine I used to use in the hospital was more powerful. This might be because it runs from mains and the one I bought uses only 4xAA batteries, although the supplier is trying to deny this fact by claiming that all the machines deliver the same amount of power, regardless.

Having been made more aware of such a condition, I kept researching it to get more information about any new treatments that might come up. As a result, just recently I got to know about a newly developed machine called “miraDry” for treating the underarm sweating. When I looked into it, I found out that its idea is to burn out (non-invasively) the internal layer of the skin where the sweat glands reside. I quite liked the idea and decided to go for it, again as long as it is not touching the nerves. The clinic explained that usually two treatments are needed (about three months apart) for best permanent results as the sweating might come back if I only have one treatment.

I have now had my first miraDry treatment about two and a half months ago. Apart from the quite stinging local anaesthetic injections at the beginning and the swelling after the treatment, the results were very impressive. My underarms stopped sweating completely straight away after the treatment. I just couldn’t believe it. Straight after the procedure, I deliberately went into situations where I used to sweat a lot (for example meetings, interviews, presentations, etc.) but nothing happened. I did not sweat. A very funny thing, however, is that I had the same feeling that I was sweating, and I actually felt the drops coming down, but when I had a look, there was nothing there. Probably it is something psychological as I am not used to “not sweating” yet.

Although it does not cure the root cause, which is the over active nerve, yet by burning out the sweat glands, the final goal is still achieved, which is stopping the sweating. Hence, it might be interesting to know that I still strongly feel my nervous system is activated, but no sweating from the underarms is happening. Something like switching on the radio with a broken loudspeaker. The sweating, however, only started to come back after about 20 days from the first treatment, and I now cannot wait to have my second treatment done because for me this treatment was really a life changing procedure, although I am still sweating from my hands and feet.

Jane - ACP Thread Vein and Skin Tag Treatment

Jane, came to MediZen from Daventry to have ACP (Advanced Electrolysis) treatment with us. As a keen swimmer Jane had often found that having skin tags under her arms could interefere with her concentration and comfort during long swimming sessions.  

She came to us here at MediZen to remove the skin tags but was concerned about the downtime as she had a big swim competition only 3 days later. After a consultation with Zoe, our ACP specialist practitioner, Jane felt confident that the treatment was right for her and that having the treatment so close to her competition would not affect her abilities to swim.  

Jane was pleased with her results and after removal of the skin tags also sought treatment for a facial thread vein.  We were happy to hear that shortly after visiting us for treatment, Jane reported that she had completed her 10 mile competitive swim in Lake Windermere with no discomfort whatsoever.

I decided to have ACP treatment for thread veins on my face and also have some skin tags removed at the same time.

I had started to feel a little self conscious about the veins and was wearing make up all the time to cover them up. I had never really had any aesthetic treatments before so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I need not have been - from the initial reception I got upon arrival at MediZen and the treatment I received from Zoe, my mind was put at ease and I felt totally relaxed.

Zoe did my thread veins first and this wasn't an unpleasant experience. There was a slight tingling of the skin as the process took place but no pain at all afterwards. I could not believe how instant the results would be. There were slight (easily disguisable) marks in that area but after a few days, the skill had completely healed and the veins had disappeared.

I had quite a few skin tags in my underarm area and, as I do a lot of swimming, I was finding they were catching on my costume occasionally. The removal of the skin tags was a little more painful but only a smarting sensation which didn't last long. There was a little redness for a couple of days but once this had gone, there are no visible marks of the tags.

All in all I am extremely pleased with the service and professionalism I received at MediZen and would highly recommend the clinic to my friends and colleagues.

Skin tags visible on underarm before being removed with ACP (Advanced Electrolysis) Treatment

Skin tags removed from female underarm using ACP Treatment

Skin tags removed from female underarm using ACP Treatment

Photos Copyright of MediZen Ltd

miraDry Sweat Treatment Rebecca Barton

Rebecca - miraDry Treatment for Excessive Sweating

MediZen are experts in treating problems with sweating and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). As the Midlands Sweat Smart Centre we understand how embarrassing uncontrolled sweat can be and the impact it can have on your daily life. We have practical advice and solutions that can help you effectively manage your problem and reduce the impact that sweat stains and odour has on your life. 

That's what happened when Rebecca heard about MediZen from a friend. After years of having to only wear dark coloured clothes she wanted the freedom to be able to wear what she wants without the embarrassment of visible sweat marks.

For more information visit www.sweatsmart-birmingham-medizen.co.uk/ or click here for a Free E-Guide

I've been suffering from excessive sweating since I was about 15. It's really uncomfortable and embarrasing.

I'd heard about miraDry Sweat Treatment from a flyer I'd seen and decided to book in for a consultation via a friend, went through the details and decided it would really benefit me. I was really excited! It's really nice to be able to buy different coloured tops, instead of wearing black all the time to conceal the sweat and deodorant marks.

I first noticed my problem when I was a teenager, I noticed it on my clothes and when I was going out and was horrified seeing it in photos. I became really paranoid and would take the same black top with me to work and change it at lunch time.

When I had the treatment, I found it to be pretty much pain free and it was quite relaxing just laying down!

I was given advice to apply topical antibiotic cream and put it on twice a day to avoid any possibility of infection. I used icepacks for 48 hours with a tight top to keep them in place and I took paracetamol and Ibuprofen for 24 hours to also keep inflammation at bay.

I'd spoken to a member of the MediZen staff who received the treatment as well and she could really relate to this problem we both shared.

The staff at MediZen were lovely and they really looked after me.

miraDry Sweat Treatment has really changed my life - For 15 years I'd had this problem and now I can go out and wear satin & light coloured tops.

Moving forward, I feel a lot more confident in myself as well!

Mili - How miraDry Changed the Life of a Professional Make-up Artist

Mili explains how her sweating bothered her and impeded her career as a make up artist.  In the video below Mili explains how miraDry excessive sweating treatment at MediZen, The Midlands Sweat Smart Centre, has helped reduce her sweat.

miraDry is unique in that it is currently the only non-invasive treatment for excessive sweating that provides long-term results without regular repeated treatments. Click here to visit our Sweat Smart Centre site.

Working as a make-up artist, my job is to get up close and personal with my clients. It’s sometimes really hard working in an environment where you don’t feel comfortable or confident. I first started noticing my sweat when I started in this industry. Always being close to people and often in high pressured situations, it became clear that I sweated, to both me and my client. Let’s face it, it can’t be nice to see sweat patches on my top if you’re having your make-up done.

So, that was when I started to carry antiperspirant and deodorant round with me to see every client - to make sure I could feel as confident as possible. Even this started to become a pain. Always having to remember to put it in my bag and having to pop out before seeing my client to have a quick spray.

When I heard about the miraDry treatment, it immediately gained my interest. I had no idea that there was something out there which could permanently reduce underarm sweating. I found out where my nearest miraDry centre was - luckily enough, it was local to me.

I thought that this treatment could not only boost my confidence around my clients, but also make me not have to worry about always carrying around my antiperspirant in my bag. The price of the treatment didn’t worry me too much, as I knew it would save me an awful lot of worry and fretting for the rest of my life.

When the day of the procedure came round, it was really easy and simple. There was no pain or discomfort and the nurse made me feel 100% comfortable. It’s always nice to know you’re in good hands. When I got home, there was a little bit of swelling and soreness, but nothing that didn’t stop me from going back to work the next day.

It’s safe to say that after the treatment, I haven’t worried about my underarm sweating since. I don’t have ugly sweat patches, and I’m no longer conscious of being close to people for my profession. I am as confident as ever, all thanks to miraDry.

Maria - Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

When Maria, a young professional in her mid-twenties came to us for wrinkle relaxing injections, it wasn't a new scenario for our receptionists as we treat men and women of all ages here at the clinic. However, Maria wasn't simply concerned about her lines and wrinkles as most of our clients are - her worry was that her natural facial expression was harsh, she often found people thought she was miserable or unhappy.  

‘Resting bitch face’, or 'RBF' is the term given when a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to.

Maria below, explains why she decided to seek cosmetic treatment to improve her natural facial expression.

I decided to have Botox® because I was sick of my friends AND strangers asking if I was OK all the time!

Having worked in a face to face customer service environment every day, there was no escaping the daily “Are you ok? What’s wrong?”

I’d be completely fine, but my face said something else!

Because the town I live in is small. People would often recognise me from work when out in the pub (for example) and would say things like “you’re the lady at the customer service desk – why do you give me evil looks?” Having to profusely apologise and explain that I can’t help how I look really bothered me so I decided to correct this!

I wanted to feel approachable and I read an article online on the use of Botox® for “Resting Bitch Face”

This is a term for someone who looks miserable/angry/moody all the time.

For me, Botox® was not for anti – ageing. I’m only 27 and have no visible lines or wrinkles.

Since having Botox® to stop myself from frowning, I no longer have that “Resting Bitch Face”. My friends have definitely noticed an improvement and I don’t get asked if I’m OK!

For me, it wasn’t about eradicating wrinkle lines, it was to make my face more approachable and not look angry all the time. I travelled from Leicestershire as I read and heard great reviews!

I would definitely recommend MediZen for wrinkle relaxing injections and I would definitely travel back there again! You can’t put a distance on quality! Ian and Dr Eccleston were very friendly and professional. They were also very informative and answered any questions I had to ask.

Trying to frown before wrinkle relaxing injections

Trying to frown after wrinkle relaxing injections

Trying to frown after wrinkle relaxing injections

Photos Copyright of MediZen Ltd

Jen - Lip Fillers

Jen came to us here at MediZen for lip fillers. As experts in the reshaping and enhancement treatment, we understand that it can often be misunderstood and women like Jen can fear of being left with lips that are distorted - however, we know that the best results that make our clients happy are the subtle changes that mean so much – which is why our aim with Jen was to give her symmetrical and balanced natural looking lips.

At MediZen we use Juvederm Volbella, a dermal filler enhanced with painkilling Lidocaine (a commonly used anaesthetic) to treat lips. Juvederm Volbella is a non-permanent hyaluronic acid (HA) cosmetic filler used in the lips and minimising lipstick bleed to increase the volume of the lips, and reshape them by enhancing the vermilion border, defining philtrum ridges, minimising perioral lines, and sculpting for maximum definition. 

Jen explains:

I have always been slightly self-conscious about my small, thin lips. It was never a huge deal but it did dent my confidence a bit. When I started learning about lip fillers, I realised that this was a great solution for me so I decided to take the plunge and book myself in at MediZen.

I wasn’t nervous at all but I really had no idea what to expect. No one I knew had had this done before so it was all very new to me. Dr David was fantastic. He sat me down and talked me through the entire process – what to expect and how it would feel. He really put me at ease. I even asked him 21 questions and he kindly gave me an answer to each and every one!

When the time came to have the lip fillers, I was well prepared and ready to see the results! The treatment didn’t hurt in the slightest – it was very mildly uncomfortable (as you would imagine it to be) but that really was it! I even felt relaxed!

Afterwards, I expected to be slightly swollen but it really didn’t seem bad at all. I had plans as normal that night and went about my day and night as I would have any other day!

My friends were so impressed with the results one is even considering booking in for her own! I really am pleased. The main difference to me is the difference I see when I put lipstick on and smile in photos. I really see a difference and I’m so happy. I will definitely be coming back.

Jen's lips before lip fillers

Jen's lips after lip fillers

Jen's lips after lip fillers

Photos Copyright of MediZen Ltd

Kerry Price - Laser Hair Removal Case Study

When Kerry Price won the Miss Birmingham title, she knew she had to up her beauty regime to be picture perfect at all times.

After years of trying every hair removal method available from salons and at home methods such as waxing and shaving, Kerry decided she wanted a permanent solution and opted for Laser Hair Removal with us.  

During her initial consultation with us, she explained that she was tired of constantly dealing with the side effects of home hair removal - the rashes, the shaving bumps, the dry skin and most of all the repetitiveness of do-it-yourself hair removal.

Kerry explains:

I was over the moon to have won the Miss Birmingham competition and felt really proud to be representing my home city. I knew this title meant charity work, personal appearances and more importantly, plenty of photo opportunities, so it was so important I looked photo-ready at all times.

One aspect of my beauty regime which I always hated was shaving. I'm sure most girls can appreciate that between the shaving bumps, stubble rash, shadow and dry skin, the most annoying thing about shaving is the fact you have to do it so often to keep really smooth skin. I had tried other beauty methods like waxing and hair removal creams. I actually trained as beauty therapist for a few years and used to do a lot of waxing just to keep that baby soft skin feeling. Maybe it was the initial training stages where we'd practice waxing on each other which gave me a baptism of fire to the experience, but I never got used to the feeling of having my hair ripped out! I had considered using laser for about 2 years and committed myself to researching the best treatments for about a month. I came across the Soprano at the MediZen clinic. As well as the professionalism of the girls at the clinic, the painless patch test really impressed me and cemented my decision to go with the Soprano treatment.

I knew what to expect from the patch test, but I was still a little bit nervous on the day of my first treatment on my bikini line. The treatment was completely pain free; it just felt like a warm massage and actually made me feel really relaxed. The therapist chatted to me throughout my treatment and asked me to let her know if it was getting too hot, so I felt very at ease with the whole thing. Between treatments I noticed the re-growth was sparse and the hair became much finer.

After about 5 treatments the hair had disappeared. I am now midway through getting my underarms lasered and I can't describe how much easier this has made my beauty regime. The Soprano has simply taken the ouch out of hair removal. What's more, it makes things like beach holidays a breeze as I don't have to faff around with waxing or appointments and don't need to worry about three day stubble from shaving.

Since becoming Miss Birmingham, I've had some wonderful opportunities including writing my own beauty column for my local newspaper and from a professional point of view, I couldn't recommend the staff at MediZen and the Soprano enough to anyone looking to get rid of unwanted hair. Some people think laser is a bit pricey but it is so worth the money once you factor in the constant hassle of shaving and cost of hair removal over a lifetime!

Emma - Excessive Sweating Case Study

Emma has suffered from Hyperhidrosis since she was 4 years old.  Hyperhidrosis, (excessive sweating that has a dramatic effect on someone's lifestyle) is experienced by over 2% of the UK population, especially in the underarm area - and up to 1 in 5 people are bothered by the amount of sweat produced by their armpits.

In the video below Emma explains how miraDry excessive sweating treatment at MediZen, The Midlands Sweat Smart Centre, has helped reduce the sometimes embarrassing side effects of this condition.

miraDry is unique in that it is currently the only non-invasive treatment for excessive sweating that provides long-term results without regular repeated treatments. After this treatment, Emma has been able to get on with her life without having to worry about which deodorant he has to wear, what clothes to wear or feel nervous about the hot summer months.

UPDATE: We caught up with Emma 12 months after her miraDry treatment to see how the treatment was working for her.

I’m trying miraDry through sheer desperation really. I’m fed up of having this condition and want to get it sorted, hopefully once and for all.

My mum actually told me that I started sweating when I was four, which is quite a young age to discover it and have the problem. As I was growing up with the problem, well, when you’re young it doesn't really affect you, so primary school and things like that.

It’s the teenage years when I found the problem got worse – the sweating got worse. I was self-
conscious and just not myself. I would be paranoid about it. It has really changed and affected what I do and what I wear. It’s always a consideration every day so, which deodorant should I try today, which top should I put on – it would have to be white or black, I can’t go for any light colours, it would always have to be really dark. If I know it’s going to be really warm I’m really conscious of it, or if there are any dos like weddings or wedding receptions because people are normally in nice dresses and I try and avoid anything nice and pretty because it just gets wet!

The sweating stopped more or less immediately and it’s been absolutely amazing, it has changed my life. I’ve felt more confident, I’ve worn different clothes already - and things that make me stand out more well than white and black and brown!

I feel a happier person. I’m more confident and I’ve been on a first date and didn’t need to be concerned or be worried about it which made me more at ease. It just makes me feel absolutely wonderful. I feel like a different person. I feel like a normal person!

UPDATE 12 MONTHS LATER: Even now I still can’t believe how much the miraDry treatment has changed my life. My underarm sweating has reduced so dramatically.

My confidence has grown knowing that I'm not restricted to wearing the same old clothes because I have to hide a problem. Now I’m able to wear newer and more attractive clothes knowing that they weren't going to be ruined by perspiration marks and the residue of antiperspirants.

I can lift up my arms with confidence, wave to people, hug friends and family safe in the knowledge that no one is going to be alarmed or repulsed at the sight of my damp underarms!
miraDry really has been a miracle for me and changed my social and personal life for the better so perhaps we should rename it 'Miracle' miraDry!’

Tina Macafferty - IPL Thread Vein Removal, Botox® and Dermal Fillers Case Study

Tina Macafferty from Warwickshire talks about her experience of fillers, IPL thread vein removal and Botox® to help improve her complexion.

Lucy - Sweat Treatment Case Study

Lucy from Rugby came to MediZen for Sweat reducing treatment (hyperhidrosis) to reduce excessive sweating. She would find herself changing clothes multiple times per day and showering up to three times per day.

After trying multiple over the counter alternatives such as stronger deodorants, she researched her condition and its symptoms and discovered that her excessive sweating was due to a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can’t be treated by conventional sweat reducing methods such as deodorants and can be embarrassing in social situations.

After seemingly exhausting all other routes Lucy discovered that MediZen Cosmetic clinic offered sweat reducing treatment using Botox®. Apprehensive, and unsure at first, she booked herself in for a consultation with Dr. David Eccleston who recommended a course of Botox® treatments.

After treatment, Lucy was delighted with her results and excitedly told us of the improvement in her condition when we contacted her a few days after treatment. Upon her return to the clinic for her after-treatment review the symptoms she was so unhappy with before visiting us were significantly reduced. Lucy now makes the journey to Sutton Coldfield every 9 months from Rugby for maintenance treatments. Her story, in her own words, is below.

Initially, I had a consultation with Dr. David Eccleston who explained the procedure and what would happen. His friendly and professional nature immediately put me at ease and I knew I had made the right choice and booked in for treatment as soon as I could. During treatment, David placed Iodine and cornflour on my armpits which was left for a few minutes. During this time, the areas in need of treatment were highlighted so David could decide the areas to administer Botox® to get the best results.

Throughout my treatment, David was explaining which part of the treatment stage we were up to and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. Afterwards, David spent time with me to discuss what steps I should take next and when I would expect to see results. I noticed results much quicker than anticipated, after only a few days I noticed a significant reduction in sweating under my arms and found this kept improving day after day.

I now return to MediZen every 9 months for maintenance treatments with David and can confidently and happily say that the embarrassing symptoms I experienced before my treatment have all disappeared. My life has completely changed thanks to my treatment with David at MediZen. I no longer have to worry about the types of tops I wear and feel confident and stress-free in social situations.

I can highly recommend MediZen and David Eccleston to anyone who suffers from excessive sweating and I’m sure you will be as delighted with your results as I am!

Jason Bell - Migraine Case Study

Jason Bell is an NHS Physiotherapist and Migraine sufferer from Birmingham and he explains how Botox® injections for the treatment of his migraines significantly improved his quality of life.

For more information on different treatment options, we recommend that you also visit the Migraine Action website which is a comprehensive information resource for migraine sufferers: www.migraine.org.uk

I had suffered regular migraine for 2 decades. It became an almost daily issue for me about 3 years ago. Despite the attempts of my GP, a neurologist, a specialist migraine clinic, acupuncture, massage and prophylactic migraine medications my migraines persisted - affecting every aspect of my life. I would regularly take over the counter medications just to get me through the day.

Medizen and Dr. Eccleston were recommended to me, as an experienced Doctor in the treatment of a migraine using Botox®. I researched that Botox® is now registered in the UK for the treatment of a chronic migraine. It's unique pain relieving effects and its ability to relax the tight muscles around the temples, scalp, and neck have been shown to aid many patients when other treatments simply fail.

The Botox® for me was simply miraculous. It has without exaggeration changed my life. I am now 3 weeks after my injections and I am 95% improved. Without pain, I am able to contemplate and aspire to a quality of life I had previously never thought I would reach.

Jen - Acne and Acne Scarring Treatment from HydraFacial

Jen, a young professional in her 20's, describes how a late outbreak of acne began to take it's toll on her personal and professional life.

After coming to us here at MediZen for HydraFacial treatment, Jen say's her acne has completely disappeared and she can now look forward to clean, hydrated skin without worrying about how to cover up her problem skin.

After treatment for acne, Jen now enjoys regular HydraFacial treatments to reduce acne scarring and continue to keep her skin healthy.

I’ve always been lucky enough to have good skin, but over the last year or so, I suddenly developed minor acne. At 26, I thought I was too old for spots! I began to take extra care of my skin – cleansing religiously twice a day; investing in expensive, heavy duty cleansers and moisturisers; trying not to wear make-up unless absolutely necessary (which ends up being most of the time!). But after months of trying everything I could possibly think of, my skin had only marginally improved.

A friend recommended I try having a facial treatment to see if it helped at all. I was definitely keen seeing as I had exhausted all other options. I did some research online and came across HydraFacial, which offered a specialist treatment for acneic skin. I booked in at MediZen straight away.

The treatment itself was highly enjoyable. The aesthetician, Zoe, was professional, friendly and helpful – talking me through the entire procedure and letting me know what to expect. I really relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of having my skin totally rejuvenated. There was absolutely no pain or discomfort, as expected - I actually could have fallen asleep it was so enjoyable!

Following the treatment, my skin looked INSTANTLY improved. I cannot tell you how different it looked. Before, it was red and slightly blotchy. Now, there was absolutely no redness and it looked totally hydrated. I was so, so impressed.

After receiving so many compliments from friends and family, I booked in for a second treatment and saw the results continue to improve. After just three treatments, my spots have totally disappeared. The only thing that remains is some slight redness from scarring. I am now enjoying the acne scarring treatment that MediZen also offer from HydraFacial. I look forward to be able to go make-up free without a second thought!