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Ageing Hands

The hands can be just as revealing as our faces about our age. Women in particular, can lose that once plump fullness and youthful look as the years advance.

Over time, ageing hands tend to become thinner revealing more prominent veins and sometimes underlying bones and joints. These changes occur because of loss of fat and sun exposure, which can thin the skin making it crepey and more translucent in appearance.

For restoration of volume, we prefer to use a dermal filler to help stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of underlying veins and bones on the back of the hand.
The Hydrafacial is also a great treatment to improve the skin texture and health with a series of treatments, helping to reduce the crepey appearance of the skin with deep hydration and eTwo can help reduce pigmentation problems and firm thinning skin.

before aged hands after aged hands

 Before and after treatment images of ageing hands at MediZen, Birmingham.

Treat Ageing Hands at MediZen with the following recommended Treatments

Laser and IPL for Pigmentation

At MediZen, we use laser and IPL technology to return abnormally pigmented skin back to its normal colour. You’ll start to notice a steady improvement in the clarity of your skin after the first couple of treatments. Like most laser treatments, Skin Pigmentation Removal works by using specific wavelengths or colours of light to deliver energy into the skin tissues. This energy is absorbed by the brown pigment, without damaging any of the surrounding skin, and, over time, the excess pigment gradually fades.

eTwo Skin Rejuvenation

eTwo is one of our latest, most advanced ways to enhance the appearance, texture, radiance and elasticity of any skin type. Unlike similar treatments that use laser technology, eTwo uses gentle energy currents to stimulate renewal in the deep layers of the skin. This ensures a long-lasting and great looking result, and happens whilst keeping your skin’s surface (the epidermis) intact and protected from damage.

Dermal Fillers

There are over 180 different Dermal Filler brands available on the market, and we’ve chosen only the highest quality, FDA approved brands of dermal filler, each with their own specialised benefits for different aspects of facial rejuvenation. We only use the best products provided by Pharamaceutical companies and backed by research and medical evidence for safety and effectiveness.

Interested in Ageing Hands Treatment at MediZen?

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