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Cosmetic Sweating

Does your underarm sweat make you feel embarrassed?

Do you frequently apply antiperspirant?

Do you worry about your body odour?

Situations that make us sweat are unavoidable, and sweating often happens at times when you want to look and feel your best. Stressful job interviews, first date nerves and hot, busy crowds can bring unwelcome sweat and body odour.

Looking and feeling your best shouldn’t include the potential embarrassment caused by underarm sweat and odour.

Imagine a lifetime of freedom from the worries of visible sweat stains, ruining your favourite clothes with deodorants and antiperspirants, or having that sweat breakout in personal or professional encounters. 

Choose to live a life of confidence, cleanliness and freedom with miraDry.

Who is miraDry for?

Good news - miraDry is for everyone because everybody sweats!

Imagine your average day and consider how sweat and odour impacts you. miraDry is the perfect solution if you are.....

What is miraDry?

miraDry is recommended by industry professionals as a safe, effective and lasting treatment for managing sweat.
A clinically proven, non-invasive procedure, miraDry uses electomagnetic energy which is delivered to the skin using a specially designed handpiece.

The energy is carefully targeted to the area where sweat glands are found and eliminates them. Sweat glands don’t grow back, so the procedure gives a permanent and dramatic reduction in sweat.


Immediatley after a gym workout - before and after getting a miraDry treatment.

3 easy steps to sweat-free underarms

1) Your underarm is numbed with local anaesthesia and the handpiece is placed on the underarm.

2) Vacuum suction from the miraDry handpiece brings the sweat glands closer to the surface to protect deeper tissue. Energy is delivered non-invasively through the skin which penetrates the sweat glands.

3) At the same time, a cooling system protects the skin and keeps the heat energy at the targeted area of the sweat glands. The glands are heated and then eliminated.

Treat Cosmetic Sweating at MediZen with the following recommended Treatments

Sweat Treatment

Sweat reducing treatment is a simple process that takes around half an hour. Tiny amounts of Botox® is injected every centimetre or so in the treatment area. This works by reducing the effect of local nerves stimulating the sweat glands, resulting in the production of less sweat.

miraDry Sweat Treatment

miraDry is the latest, safe, clinically-proven solution that significantly reduces underarm sweat. A treatment involves just two or three sessions spaced three months apart using the specially-designed miraDry handpiece to heat and destroy these specific sweat glands results in an average 82% reduction in underarm sweating.

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Wrinkle relaxing treatment uses tiny amounts of Botox® that is injected, using a disposable syringe, into the muscles that cause the skin to crease. Therefore the Botox® protein blocks impulses from the nerve to the facial muscles that create those annoying wrinkles. This relaxes or puts the muscle into “hibernation” for around 3 – 4 months leaving the overlying skin looking smooth and less wrinkled.

Interested in Cosmetic Sweating Treatment at MediZen?

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