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Migraines affect around 15% of the UK population and are most common in adults aged between 20 and 50, with the majority of sufferers having a family history of migraines.

Symptoms of Migraines are an intense throbbing pain, usually towards the front or side of the head that can last from anywhere between 4 hours to 3 days. Many migraine sufferers have other slightly different headache types created by muscle tension and rebound headaches. People who suffer from migraines find that in between migraine attacks they are completely symptom-free.

migraine treatment

Treatment to help Migraine sufferers available at MediZen cosmetic Clinic, Sutton Coldfield.

There are different types of migraine that come with a range of different symptoms. 

Warning signs, or aura, are felt by around a quarter of chronic migraine sufferers. These signs can include:

Other more severe migraine symptoms can also accompany migraines including:

For more information on Symptoms and triggers of migraines visit www.migraineunlocked.co.uk 

Making changes in your lifestyle can help reduce the occurrence of migraines which is why identifying triggers of migraine attacks such as physical or emotional stress is important.

Depending on the intensity and frequency of your migraine, your GP may consider prescribing a preventative medication. However, these do not eliminate migraines which is why acute treatments are recommended alongside preventative measures.

Botox® injections are one of a range of different preventative medications that your Doctor may consider to help reduce the impact that migraine has on your quality of life. 

We have been using Botox® since 1999 and Dr Eccleston, Clinical Director at MediZen and Senior Partner in a large general practice in Birmingham, has a special interest in the use of Botox® injections in both his NHS and private practice. Although we are not a migraine clinic, we have developed an expertise in the private use of Botox® for the prevention of migraine symptoms that has been born out of our experience in clinical trials and through the use of this drug to treat frown lines and wrinkles.

Dr Eccleston has been treating migraine with Botox® since 2002 alongside using it as a treatment for excessive sweating and for frown lines and wrinkles – all established and licensed uses for this versatile drug. He has also trained thousands of clinicians in both the UK and abroad in the use of Botox® for these different indications. You will not find anyone else in the Midlands with more experience in the use of Botox®!

At MediZen, our highly skilled medical aesthetic practitioners can relieve the pain of chronic Migraines.

For more information on the treatment of migraines, visit our website www.Botox®migraine.co.uk

Treat Migraines at MediZen with the following recommended Treatments

Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment involves a tiny amount of Botox® being injected into certain muscles on the forehead and back of the neck. Botox® for Migraines is a simple injectable treatment that we have been using for over 10 years and can be effective when other forms of migraine treatment fail to control symptoms.

Interested in Migraines Treatment at MediZen?

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