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What is Electrolysis for Hair Removal?

People come to MediZen to resolve all kinds of hair-related concerns. Unwanted hair can grow because of a host of hereditary, hormone and illness-related reasons. Hair growth can even be stimulated through temporary methods of hair removal.

If you’re looking for a way to remove unwanted hair from any part of your body, Electrolysis is considered to be the most effective, long-lasting treatment available. It can be used on many areas of body, including the eyebrows, nose, face, breasts, thighs or legs. We are also trained to treat the specific needs of transgender clients with electrolysis. However, because the treatment method is slow, and occasionally painful, we generally only recommend electrolysis for clients who are unsuitable for Laser or IPL Hair Removal.

Electrolysis works by using heat energy to destroy the growth centre of the hairs, preventing them from growing any further. A tiny probe is inserted into the hair follicle, and then an electric current is delivered for a second or so, and the hair itself is removed with tweezers. Whilst you might have heard that Electrolysis is painful, modern methods and equipment mean that you will only experience, at worst, a slight and transient burning sensation. Read what our clients have to say with our Electrolysis for Hair Removal Reviews.

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Your Electrolysis for Hair Removal Experience

Before Electrolysis for Hair Removal

Before you decide to have Electrolysis, we invite you to visit our medically led clinic in Sutton Coldfield. We have easy transport links to surrounding areas such as Walsall, Lichfield, Tamworth and Birmingham. One of our hair removal experts will assess your skin prior to treatment, to be sure that Electrolysis is the best way to solve your unwanted hair concerns. We’ll discuss with you what kind of results you would like to achieve, and will explain the whole treatment to keep you assured and at ease.

During Electrolysis for Hair Removal

During Electrolysis Hair Removal our practitioner inserts a tiny probe, or needle, into the individual hair follicle. Whilst it may sound painful, you won’t feel the probe being inserted. A small electric current is then delivered into the cells surrounding the follicle, which is when you might feel something. Each session, depending on the number of hairs requiring treatment, can take between 15 minutes and 2 hours.

After Electrolysis for Hair Removal

After your Electrolysis Hair Removal first session is complete, you might need to come back for a few more sessions. This is because all hairs have different cycles of growth, and are not all visible on the skin’s surface at the same time. But, several sessions will ensure that you get a completely satisfying result, and that little or no hairs will appear in that area afterwards.

Electrolysis for Hair Removal Side Effects

You won’t need to arrange any recovery time when you have Electrolysis. Once treatment is complete, you might find some slight redness or swelling in the area treated. This is completely normal and disappears after only a short while. You may also experience some tiny whiteheads or scabs, which will also heal quickly to reveal smoother, hairless skin.  

Is it Suitable for me?

Our clients have achieved great results using this treatment which is suitable for all hair colours and skin types.

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