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What is LED Phototherapy?

Ageing, trauma and skin conditions make healthy skin cells unable to renew themselves properly. But, in a similar way to plant photosynthesis, our skin is able to absorb certain light wavelengths. Skin cells have the ability to convert light into energy to stimulate natural healing processes.

Our Dermalux LED Phototherapy system makes use of these same specific wavelengths to provide a pain-free, highly effective solution to many common skin complaints, from signs of ageing, to conditions like pigmentation, acne and rosacea.

So how does it work?

Skin is bathed in LED (Light Emitting Diode) waves through our system, and each light colour provides its own special benefits to the skin’s functions. For example, our red light has an anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effect, whilst blue light provides powerful anti-bacterial and acne treatment. The LED also offers a combination red and blue light treatment option for sensitive skin. The red and blue light in combination offers enhanced benefits and is clinically proven to be an effective treatments for inflammatory acne.

The energy sourced from our Phototherapy technology stimulates the skin, to accelerate the cell metabolism. This increases the production of collagen, elasticity, blood circulation, tissue repair and removal of bacteria. More efficient skin rejuvenation on the inside means naturally fresh, more youthful skin outside. Laboratory studies have shown that, when exposed to these wavelengths, cells can regenerate between 150% and 200% faster than normal.

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Your LED Phototherapy Experience 

Before LED Phototherapy 

Before LED Phototherapy you will be invited to MediZen for a full free consultation to discuss you needs and see if Phototherapy will help you as part of a treatment programme.  During your consultation, our skin health professionals we will assess your skin using our professional 2D and 3D Visia Canfield Analysis system, which evaluates your skin to help us decide whether LED Phototherapy is the most effective treatment approach to give you the best results. 

During LED Phototherapy

During LED Phototherapy your skin must be clean and free of all makeup. Skin care products must be removed to allow penetration of beneficial light into the skin. For best results, the skin should be exfoliated prior to treatment, using Hydrafacial, to remove dead skin cells which impede light absorption.

Treatment lasts for around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

For enhanced results a topical serum may be applied.

After LED Phototherapy 

Results can be seen within a few days, and can last for several months following a course of LED Phototherapy treatments. However, as with any skin treatment, maintenance sessions are advised to ensure lasting results, as part of a Skin Health for Life programme.

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LED Phototherapy Side Effects

Phototherapy side effects are minimal and rare. There is no risk of irritation, side effects or down time that may be associated with more invasive procedures. LED Phototherapy is a heat free treatment that does not contain harmful UV wavelengths and therefore cannot damage skin tissue or create photosensitivity. It is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, including darker skins and the most sensitive skin conditions. LED Phototherapy treatment is one of the safest treatments available, and suitable for any type of skin. But to find out the most effective solution for your individual needs, get in touch with us at MediZen today.

Is it Suitable for me?

LED Phototherapy is not suitable for anyone who is suffering from an active skin infection such as herpes simplex, i.e. if cold sores are present.

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